My objective is to obtain a degree in applied sciences and use my knowledge, skill, talent, and experience to jump start a successful career in the music business. Also, looking forward to internship or job placement.


2004-2005 Put out my first mixtape, The Take Off and it sold a little more than 300 copies.

2005-2006 Put out my second mixtape, The Blur and it was a double disc that sold more than 250 copies.

2006-2007 Put out my third mixtape, Real Recognize Real and it sold 200 copies.

2007-2008 Put out my fourth mixtape, Street Hustlers 1 and it sold 250 copies.

2008-2009 Put out my fifth mixtape, Street Hustlers 2 and it sold 150 copies.

2009-2010 Put out my sixth mixtape, Boss Status and it sold 300 copies. 

States and Cities My Music Touched: Boston, Indiana, Alabama, Ohio, Florida, Maryland, Atlanta, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Arizona.

Shows and Venues: XO'S Lonuge, South Street, Fizo's, 42nd Parkside, North Star Bar, Olney Recreation Center, 31st Master, Broad Street Billiard,

2007- Had my first home studio and recorded rap groups, singers, and bands.


Sep 2008 - Present


Community College Of Philadelphia

Work experience

Work experience
Nov 2007 - Present


BEV.7 Entertainment



Video Production

Windows Live Movie Maker, Nero, Final Cut, Photoshop, Magic, DVD Maker, Muvee, and I have used recording programs to do scores for editing films and commericals. Also I have directed, edited, and did story boards for short films and professional videos. 

Recording Programs

Garage Band, Logic Pro 8, Pro Tools 8, Cakewalk 5, Mixcraft 5, Cubase 5, Reasons, Fruity Loops 9, Sampler 10, Acid, and many more but those are the most important for professional use.

Music Theory Education

Music Reading                Instructor: A.Sciolla/Grade A    Harmony                          Instructor:R.Ross/Grade D   Music For Listeners      Instructor: A.Sciolla/Grade B    

Sound Recording Education

Introduction to Music Technology                                Instructor: F.Hall/Grade B   Advanced Music Technology and Multimedia            Instructor: F.Hall/Grade A   ProTools- Digital Audio Editing                                     Instructor: P.Geissinger/Grade C