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Yosephus Widyawan

Managing Director | Social Entrepreneur | Technopreneur | Supply Chain Management |

Work History

2012 - 09Present

Managing Director

PT. Sahabat Solusi Intermoda

(4 years)

  1. Make and perform Corporate's Vision - Mission.
  2. Together with the Team, make effective and efficient organizational structure.
  3. Produce and perform Operations' SOP, Accounting's SOP, Administration's SOP, & HRD SOP.
  4. Assist the Team in providing Marketing concept.
  5. Perform supervisory duties in the areas of planning, organizing, implementation on the ground, and Control-evaluation in the field.


  • The company's revenues increased by 650 % since the premiere.
  • Growth of customer base , increased by 1067 % since the premiere.
  • Cost of Operational could be reduced by 45 % since the premiere.
  • The growth of the company turnover per month rose an average of 15-20%.
  • Employee performance can be increased and maintained until 50% higher since the initial launch.
2016 - 112016 - 11

Guest Lecturer

Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Surabaya

(1 month)

Guest Lecturer for IT-Preneurship


Guest Lecturer

Universitas Katolik Widya Mandala Surabaya

(1 month)

Guest Lecturer for Social Entrepreneurship and as a judge for National Problem Solving Competition that held by HImpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Bisnis.


Guest Lecturer

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya

(1 month)

Guest Lecturer for Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship.


Guest Lecturer

Universitas Katolik Dharma Cendika

(1 month)

Guest Lecturer for Social Entrepreneurship and Business Management.



Wawan's Farm

Owner at (5 years) Own and manages the broiler farms. 


Division Head / Regional Manager of Central Java Region (Sales Office & Supply Chain Management)

PT. Alpha Utama Mandiri

(1 year)

  1. Running throughout the managerial role (Planning, Organizing, Actuating, & Controlling) in the Teknik Umum Division (Sales Office & Distribution Center) Central Java Region.
  2. Have a role in decision-making in the areas of: Marketing, Financial, HR, and Supply Chain Management.
  3. Accountable for all the works to the Managing Director.


  • Increase sales significantly by 100% over the same period a year earlier.
  • Increase the number of subscribers to 30% within 5 months.
  • Within 6 months were able to achieve the highest profit margin for the national level (7 points higher than the company’s target).
  • Able to improve the performance of operational teams (Logistics, Service Center, & Administration) by 50% higher than the national average.
  • Able to maintain the inventory accuracy in the figure 95% - 99%.
  • Able to maintain the level of cash flow prediction accuracy (> 80%).
  • Being able to make the office of Division as a national pilot project.


Logistics Manager

PT. Alpha Utama Mandiri

(11 months)

  1. Analyzing the total demand for goods and arrange for the provision, procurement, and delivery of goods in such a way as to the allocation of goods at any place that can meet the needs with efficiently, effectively, and on time.
  2. Collecting information of inventory levels in any place, perform periodic inventory taking, and analyzing the amount and type of inventory in the warehouse to control the accuracy of inventory data and inventory levels.
  3. Plan and coordinate the delivery of goods from suppliers and or to the warehouse, including determining the expedition and the route, to ensure the delivery is done in a timely and efficient, as well as the goods are received by each branch in accordance with predetermined.
  4. Receive and process the request of goods from any place, and control the delivery of goods from suppliers in, in accordance with the time, quantity, quality and cost that has been determined. Leading Service & Quality Control Section.
  5. Ensuring work processes in Service & Quality Control section went well and in accordance with company procedures.
  6. Prepare monitoring logistics budgets.
  7. Maintain a harmonious working atmosphere in the Logistics division in particularly, and within the scope of the company generally makes.
  8. Taking over the task of subordinates who can not/could not attend. Serves as the Human Resource Development, where the scope of work is associated with the addition of labor, promotion/group, a review of wages, and mutation of subordinates.


  • Successfully implementing the Inventory system in the Logistics Division.
  • Successfully implementing the security system on the assets in the Logistics Division, in the form of CCTV and GPS for fleet delivery.
  • As an initiator, together with the business development team, create the systems and operational procedures in the Logistics Division. 

Comercial Staff

PT. Meratus Line

(3 years 5 months)

  1. As Customer Service officer
  2. As Front liner officer.
  3. As Call center officer.
  4. As Back Office & Documentation officer.
  5. As Branch Dangerous Goods (DG) Coordinator.
  6. As Marketing Analyst officer.


  • Winning the National Design Competition in Business Concept & Logo that are held by PT. Meratus Line in 2008. Business concept and the logo was then adopted and applied to one of Meratus Group business unit
    (Mandiri Bahari Line).
  • Achieving of the highest record for the container lifting (Surabaya - Samarinda route in 2008).
  • Able to maintain sales growth performance for the Surabaya - Samarinda and Suarabaya - Pantoloan route from 2008 until 2010.
  • Together with the Marketing team of the Meratus Line in Indonesia, make a forum of Marketing Study: A forum via intranet that serves as a medium for knowledge sharing in the field of Customer Service & Marketing.



Bachelor in Management Economy

Atma Jaya of Yogyakarta University

Focus in Management Information Systems

Score IPK : 3.19 / 4.00


Diploma in Programming

Gajah Mada University

Score IPK : 3.46 / 4.00

Skills & Knowledges

Strategic Planning & Analysis
Human Resource Management
Supply Chain Management
Team Building
Budgeting & Forecasting
Customer & Brand Loyalty
Quality Assurance
Business Development
Commercial Execution
Operations Management
Technology Innovation
Product Marketing
Project Management

Membership & Organizational Background



Asosiasi Logistik Indonesia


Asosiasi Manajemen Indonesia

Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship Advisor

Persatuan Mahasiswa Katolik Republik Indonesia
2004 - 082005 - 08

Deputy Chief of Karang Taruna RW.44 Pringgolayan

Karang Taruna Pringgolayan
2003 - 072006 - 01

Public Relation Officer

Komunitas Muda-Mudi Katolik Gereja Santo Paulus Pringgolayan
2002 - 022005 - 04

Member of Intellectual Division

Unit Kerohanian Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta
1999 - 072000 - 07

Founder & Former Chief

Pecinta Alam SMUN 11 Surabaya

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