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I am a  simple man with a strong character, mentality, vision, and integrity.
I have vision to give positive impact and additional value to any company that I will join. I like to create innovation to achieve common goals.

I have huge interests in organization, leadership, business, management, political, and public affairs. I also actively involved in student organizations like Student Representative Board. 


Aug 2011Present


Parahyangan Catholic University

I am a student of  Public Administration Program,  Faculty of Social and Political Science. In the university life I actively participate in various types of organizations, some of which are: Division of Academic Student Association Science Program Public Administration as Staff; Chairman of Public Policy Study Group; Chairman of the Student Affairs Commission in Student Representative Board; Chairman of the Student Union Election Commission Parahyangan Catholic University.

In addition to the activities of my organization I also enjoy playing futsal and actively participate in various tournaments on campus with my great team Keram FC. Many things that I got from futsal, such as: how to trust each other, having a strong vision, building the skill, and also having a great teamwork.

Sep 20152015

Liaison Officer

Pekan Olahraga Pelajar Nasional (POPNAS) XIII 2015

Responsible for liaising the participants from 3 province, there are Aceh, Bali, Banten. This event was held from September 9-18 2015.

Jun 2013Jun 2014

Chairman of Student Affairs Commission, Student Representative Board

Parahyangan Catholic University

I lead one commission to establish many programs that was relevant with aspiration of the student. My team also create a new system that we call "Ngopi Bareng"-Ngobrol Hepi with the target 7 faculty and 16 field program.

Oct 2013Apr 2014

Chairman of the Student Union Election Commission

Parahyangan Catholic University

I lead 150 members of Election Commission in serving 10.000 students. The aim of this election was  to get a new board of the most qualified people and able to improve the performance of the student union Parahyangan Catholic University. in addition, as chairman I have purpose to carry out elections and to protect it from a variety of fraud and political interests that harm and harass the principle of the organization.

Jul 2012Jun 2013

Chairman of Public Policy Study Group

Parahyangan Catholic University

My team have a vision to build many programs that was relevant with public administration, such as a national seminar, workshop, watch and discuss a religion/political/nationalism movie.  

Jul 2012Jun 2013

Academic Staff of Student Association Science Program Public Administration

Parahyangan Catholic University

As a staff, I have to follow my chairman and i give many idea to every project. My priority is to develop my teamwork and create a sustainable relationship with other. 

Aug 2012Dec 2012

Chief Executive of Workshop Public Speaking

Parahyangan Catholic University

This Workshop had a vision to support students in Faculty of Social and Political Science to build their Public Speaking skill. We presented two professional speakers: Mrs. Rosianna M. Silalahi and Mr. Fahd Djibran.


Aug 2011Present

Public Administration

Parahyangan Catholic University

During my studies in the Department of Public Administration, the most important things I learned is related to the social and political sector, the blueprint of ideal  management (especially in public sector), the right policies, the ideal organization (with the high value of efficiency and effectiveness), the quality of services centered on the public interest, as well as the scope of government.

Jul 2008Jul 2011

Science Program

SMA Negeri 1 Gunungsitoli, Nias Island - North Sumatra.

At this level of education, I was interested in learning things related to science, calculations and application of formulas. Apart from that I also enjoyed discussion and debate in the classroom.



I have good skill in leadership, communication, public speaking,  negotiation skill,  project planning, problem solving, and decision making.

I am also good in teamwork and creating great visions.


May 2015May 2015

Training of Anti-Corruption Education.

The program of Anti-Corruption Education is a collaboration between Parahyangan Catholic  University with Bhumiksara Foundation. Held on May 15-16 2015 in The Radian Villas and Function Halls.

Dec 2014Dec 2014

Training of "Development Facilitation Techniques and Practices"

Training of "Development Facilitation Techniques and Practices", Laboratory of Public Administration, Parahyangan Catholic University. The training lasts for 16 hours.

Aug 2014Aug 2014

Christian Leadership Training: THE 360 degrees LEADER

Participant in Christian Leadership Training: "THE 360 degrees LEADER", Based on Modules EQUIP (John C. Maxwell). Friday and Saturday, August 15-16 2014 - Christian Maranatha University. In this training i have knowledge about how to became a  great leader with a good and kind personality.

Jun 2013Jun 2014

Appreciation Certificate from Parahyangan Chatolic University

Certificate of this appreciation was given to me on the participation, dedication and service in the management of the Student Representative Council period 2013/2014 as the Chairman of the Commission on Student Affairs.

Sep 2013Sep 2013

Leadership and Management Training - Kementerian Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Indonesia

Leadership and Management Training for Students College of Environmental Kopertis Region IV- Ministry of Education and Culture. September 17-19 2013.


I was born on November 10th 1991 and grow up in Nias Island, North Sumatra. I got a scholarship to study at the Parahyangan Catholic University from a education foundation at Netherland, the Sthicting Parahyangan Nederland (SPN).

I grow up in an underprivileged family in economic terms, it was one of my trigger to continue the vigorous pursuit of my dreams, which then formed my character to be strong person. There is no reason for me to not develop myself, although in terms of my financial deprivation, I still rely on God in all of my activities, which makes me eager to get involved and do great things. I have a big dream to give benefit and added value in social environment, including my country as a whole.