Founder and co-owner of Innovative Matrix, an emerging online customer relationship management (CRM) company, York Galland provides over 100 corporations with reliable, versatile, and responsible CRM systems. After acquiring his Bachelor of Arts in English and his Master of Business Administration from Utah’s Brigham Young University, York Galland spent 12 years as Kingsley Management Corp’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), managing mobile home communities in eight states for low-income housing candidates. York Galland operates Innovative Matrix with his brother Adam, offering strategies for managing and cultivating business-client relationships. Through technological organization procedures, Innovative Matrix strives to aid companies in attaining and maintaining clients. Through a comprehensive integrated system, Innovative Matrix offers clients instant access to detailed customer-related information, including transactions, billing history, statistics analyses, and MID management. York Galland’s Innovative Matrix also provides clients with website hosting and professional customer support.Galland remains one of over 33 million devoted Boy Scouts of America supporters, promoting ethical and moral decisions to youth populations by instilling values and providing leadership training. York Galland also stays active with triathlons, Ironman races, mountain biking, and skiing.


1988 - 1996


Brigham Young University