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First grade

Chung-Ang University

I graduated Dun-San girl's high school. I studied for the government-sponsored scolastic aptitude test for university admission.

I'm a university student in Chung-Ang university. Now, I'm studying accounting and bussines so on.  I am going to department of management. I want to study business


I am a student yet. I'm preparing for my dream. I have to do many things for my future. So I have to try any jobs. I have to study many kinds of fields.

I played two Korean traditonal instrumeants when I was elementary student. Those was Dae-gum and Dan-so. I learned how to play an accordion and keyboard in my middle school. Until middle school I was interested in playing instruments,

I my university, I was a team leader twice in Business Communication class for my projects.

I went to Dun-san girl's high school. In my high school, I enjoyed music group. Name of that club is MUSE. So I could enjoy more my school.

In my university, I'm in a students' association. I'm learning how to work for students. I will enjoy this group until second grade.


I like to watch movies, I like comic and thriller genre. And I like to shopping. In my free times, I usually go shopping or watch movies.

I'm interested in production of TV programs so I like to read articles about being program director.

Work experience

I have no jobs, part time jobs or internship expriences but I was a movie extra once. I could get 30,000 won, That was my first pay.


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