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Yogita Sharma

Senior Software development Engineer -


Programming is the second thing I am fascinated with after mathematics. I aspire to become great at it by finding myself working with people where I can feel I am the least smart. Can work well in teams but also able to own a complete deliverable. Started fiddling with Python recently.

Everyday tasks include

System and APIs design

Continuous integration and development

Migration and release processes

Resolving system stability issues

Work experience

Dec 2016Present

Software Engineer
  1. Back end 
    1. Single handedly shipped back end system for AB experiments stack of the product
    2. Designed the third party event tracking system
    3. Shipped APIs for analytics and user data visualisation
    4. Automated the deployment process using scripts
  2. Front end
    1. Developed and shipped a generic web editor plugin which could parse Java and Javascript code to form a JSON and store the converted patch on Android/iOS SDKs.
    2. Streamlined the testing using Karma and protractor for the Angular web app(unit and E2E tests)
    3. Built an attribute generator to configure the Android XML properties as a part of UI visualiser for mobile apps.
Jan 2014Nov 2016

Software Engineer

Webyog Inc

Full-stack developer of Linux monitoring solution - SeaLion(Product deprecated)

Conversion of product requirements to robust code - backbone.js and express.js as MVC frameworks.

Designing and implementation of back end code and migration scripts.

Writing front-end reusable widgets and modules.

Automating everyday tasks like user analytics and report generations.

Work out solutions to improve performance and quality of product.

Provide technical support to users by providing shell scripts as per their requirements

Provide support/guidance to newly hires in the team

Responsible for site reliability and app performance

Jul 2013Dec 2013

Assistant Systems Engineer

Tata Consultancy Services

Built a logistics delivery module for a C++ application on Unix platform

Designed the database schema and implemented using MySQL

Written UI libraries in C++ following MVC pattern for User input output and display messages

Designed and developed User Interface for the same application




AWS familiarity

EC2, ELB, S3, opsworks


MySQL, MongoDB


express.js, mongoose

Web Technolgy

Hands on with web sockets programming, developing offline apps using service workers

Web application Frameworks

backbone.js, angular.js, angular 2

Web developement

The application I am working on is a SaaS based single page application which uses backbone.js as MVC framework for UI modules and Express.js as the server side framework. Mongoose is used for data modelling. MongoDB is used as the data store and application uses REST APIs.

Visualisation plugins

cubism.js, d3.js

Templating plugins

underscore.js, handlebars.js, moustache, jade

Automation testing frameworks

karma, protractor,internjs,  selenium, jasmine, jmeter, apidocs, javadocs

HTML, CSS, jQuery


Community profiles

Problem Solving



Deep Learning Nanodegree - Udacity

Angular js - Codeschool


Mentored four batches of 20 students each in AcadGild via online courses for front end development.