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Work experience

May 2014Nov 2014

UI Developer

OLX India
  • Played major role in converting,, to responsive environment
  • Implemented different API in OLX website like FLIPKART API integration
  • Implemented sticky filter, Swipe features of global-navigation menu, closing pop up on back
  • Major changes to OLX website including home, posting, item, listing and static pages
  • Follow agile methodology for development and use GIT in Ubuntu
Jul 2011May 2014

Senior Software Engineer

MAQ Software (Preferred vendor of Microsoft)
  • Developed different web components like Useful links, Navigation panel, filter panel, grid panel
  • Developed a service to get data from backend and perform CROSS domain request (CORS)
  • Developed configurable web applications with module design patterns
  • Developing components involving closures, event delegation, event handling and object oriented JavaScript
  • Implemented HTML 5 based pages containing grids and charts with paging, sorting, searching, drill down
  • Created a windows service to pull data and send e-mail notification using C# and EWS
  • Reduced page loading time for one of the funnel report (20 sec to 1 sec)



HTML5, CSS, JavaScript
Semantics tags, local storage, session storage, web worker. Responsive web design, Bootstrap and SASS. Design patterns in JS. Performance improvement of page. Scoping, Closures, Private and Public, Inheritance, event life cycle, jQuery
CRUD operations, REST API, socket connections with node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS
REST API, CRUD, CORS (cross domain request) using C#, Web API, JQuery and SQL Server


Jul 2014Jul 2016

Algorithms: Design and Analysis course

Stanford university and Coursera
Jul 2013Jul 2016

Programming in HTML5, JavaScript and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert