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Nowadays I am a java software developer focused on big data middleware for the marketing applications .

Colleagues know me as a highly creative developer who can always be trusted to come up with a new approach and seeking innovation . 



Oct 2007Jun 2010

Computer Science 

Computer science bachelor 

Work experience


May 2015Present

Senior Java Developer

Senior tech lead developer whom leading ,researching , designing  new micro services components in the system, this position involved managing complex  offshore team project , where the other teams are located in three different time zones  . 

I was in charge of the project aspects :

  • System design
  • Technology stack 
  • Deployment process 

Technologies used :

  • Database : mysql , mongo.
  • JMS:  rabbitMQ , Kafka.
  • IOC:   spring
  • Build tool :maven
  • spring cloud
  • ORM: JPA (hibernate implementation )
  • REST: using Jersy , Spring mvc 
  • data processing using sparks
  • servlet container :tomcat 7 
  • JDK 8 
  • Scala
  • other etc ...


Senior Java Developer

senior tech lead developer as a part of my work i was in charge of one client developer and In charge of one of the system servers 

  • design
  • technology stack
  •  deployment 

Technologies used :

  • Database : mysql , gigaSpcae .
  • JMS:  rabbitMQ 
  • IOC:   spring
  • Build tool :maven
  • ORM: JPA (hibernate implementation )
  • Wicket 
  • Servlet container :tomcat 7 
  • JDK 7 


Aug 2012May 2013

Java Software Developer

java software developer 


Jan 2011Aug 2012

Java Software Developer

working as a part of the web developers team 



I Have been working with java for the last 5 years. 

Working with java 8 key features .

experienced with JVM tuning etc. 


I have been working with 3 architecture impl , such as Jersy Resteasy springMVC(not JSR compliance)


have been working with spring framework for the last 4 years , very experienced with , working with great variety of spring modules such as 

  • Spring core - annotations based IOC
  • Spring rabbit - spring adapter to RabbitMq
  • SpringData
  • Spring AOP
  • Spring transaction management 
  • Spring mongo Spring mongo adapter 
  • Spring junit integration  
  • Spring boot 
  • Spring cloud tools 

configured new servlets to use it , use it very widely know in depth 


Creating new poms , creating pom hierarchy to reduce code decoupling , managing add/remove versions etc... 


Working with it widely , configuring and working with it. 


Linux/Unix OS: 

  • shell scripting 
  • system services 
  • managing and solving devops problems  


I Have been with the JPA JSR
I Have worked very widely with Hibernate beneath JPA

Sparks streaming



  • Choosing the right table engine for
  • Indexing 

DB design 

  • Replication management 


  • Using ORMs
  • Using JDBC
  • Simple querying using cmd 


Git daily work ,CRUD repositories .


have worked with Javascript

  • as script to query  in mongo 
  • as a client side work with libraries such as Backbone.js , JQuery  and others  


Created managed and leading wicket based servlet container  


Designing ,configure and querying


Have been working with it knows how to code and understand flows 

still better in Java .