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Creating solutions.  

Work History


Chief Product Officer

HarperDB Inc

Co-founder for a new SQL NoSQL database that utilizes a unique data storage topology providing capabilities such as dual indexing; hash index as well as attribute level indexing inherent in the data storage algorithm.  The interface is a simple REST API, all CRUD operations were available through but not limited to SQL and NoSQL interfaces.  The data storage topology is a patent pending invention.

As CPO I was providing guidance and insight for the company road map.  Working directly with the CTO and the engineering team, working together to design and build solutions.

Manager and lead for the offshore team for multiple projects.  Creating and assigning tasks, confirming completion of work, merging and deploying to production.

Development Operations; CI/CD, Docker builds, AWS AMI, Builds for multiple Archectectures; ARM6,7,8, Linux, Mac. Augment QA test with postman, automate QA tests with newman.


Dec 20122018

Dev Ops

Phizzle, Inc

Building Infrastructure Automation, High availability, Fail Over, Security, Monitoring, Continuous deployment and Integration System Administration, Database Administration.

Amazon Web Services provisioning; DynamoDB, IAM, Ec2,Load balance, S3, SNS,VPC, Cloud Formation, CDN. 

SAP Hana Administration; Backup, High Availability and Fail over, table optimizations;indexing table partitioning, Augmenting Custom Text Analysis Dictionaries for sentiment analysis.

Implementation for cloud infrastructure migration to an on premise data center.  SAP HANA 8 node cluster, migrated to a CRAY super computer in a data center with a provisioned AWS Direct Connect service.   



Software Engineer


Linux administration and ETL (Extract Transform and Load) with Microsoft BizTalk, IBM web spheres Cast Iron.  ETL integration between services APIs; Salesforce to and from Rally agile software, Salesforce to and from Zuora Subscription and Billing.  Help in design and Implementation of data model for migration of PHP, MySql application to a Java PostgreSQL application.


Maintenance Technician

Fortrust LLC

Data Center Colocation grave yard shift; main duties included cooler maintenance and climate control. Periodically helped customers get server cages and cabinets setup and wired.  Trained to switch power from electrical to Diesel, but never had to implement.  Periodic checking of Diesel engines.



Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics with a Minor in Computer Science

Metropolitan State University of Denver

My major was focused on numerical analysis, I was accepted to the University of Sussex in Brighton, England for a Master Program, which I later declined as my wife and I could not afford both of us to receive visas.  The minor in computer science was a perfect introduction in to the computer/software industry.  The final project was the most impressive part of the whole program.  Working with a small team to develop an on premise application integrated into a web application.  My team successfully completed the application.


CI/CD applications: [JetBrains TeamCity, Atlassian Bamboo, Jenkins]

Continous Deployment/Integration application. 

-Automation of unit test, QA tests, obfuscation for packaging and distributing HarperDB.

-Automation of Docker images, code addition/refactor documentation, release notes, cloud provider images.

Databases: [SAP Hana, MySQL, MariaDB, PosgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase]

A proprietary in memory database provided by SAP AG.  I have installed, configured, migrated existing data model to Hana, Administered and scaled.   I was contacted by SAP to confirm a solution I posted on the community boards about a work around to issues upgrading to newer versions.  They were generating a knowledge base article based on my solution!  Epic!


Install, configuration and administration of a number of distributions; CentOS, RedHat, SuSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian.  

Cloud Providers: [Amazon Web Services, IBM, Azure]

All the cloud providers basically all provide similar offerings. Compute Resources, Elastic Storage, Private Networks, Firewalls.  I am most familiar with AWS and many of its service a lot to name; lambda, code deploy, cloud formation, AWS CLI, AWS python sdk, Simple Notification Service etc.. 


Web application development with JBOSS and Java REST API, Phone iOS application that registered with a wireless proximity device called Radius.  When the phone app was in proximity to a beacon, the beacon triggered a web hook that called and passed data to the Java REST API.  The Java application called out to a database, SAP HANA, determined if the phone application was registered, then send push notifications to the phone app. For example, the beacon was at the front a frozen yogurt stand at a stadium, when 30+- feet from the shop, the phone app would get a push notification to come to the shop and get 15% off their purchase.

Bash Scripting

Automate tasks in bash, not afraid of arrays.

Salt Stack

Similar to Chef, Puppet and Ansible.  A configuration management system used provision/manage servers; confirm minimum system requirements, set/update settings, start,stop,restart services, provision cloud environments.

Monitoring: [Zabbix Monitoring, New Relic, PM2, Data Dog, Cloud Watch]

Monitor system level metrics as well as application level metrics..
Installed, configured as well as wrote custom scripts to get custom metrics and send custom alerts to email, SMS and chat services.

Windows Desktop/Server

Windows Desktop, Windows Server  installations, configurations, power shell, cmd, IIS, Active Directory.


Build Images, manage services in Swarm, Kubernetes, Open Stack.


2.7, 3.0.  Scripting and Automation.

Objective C

Wrote a native IPhone app to call to Java REST API. see Skill Java