Problem solving and analysis are the main features of my skill set.  Stemming from here are the tools the industry provides to address the problems I am assigned to solve.  These tools are all built to run on Linux, Windows or Mac, all of which I am well versed in.  Configuring and augmenting capabilities to these tools is done in numerous ways; from configuration files written in XML, JSON, YAML; to writing or downloading scripts and libraries written in any number of programming and scripting languages; Bash, Python, Java, JavaScript are the languages I have the most familiarity with.  Communication between all of these components is a major troubleshooting process through which I have built an understanding of DNS, major networking protocols; TCP, UDP, HTTP, packet analyzers, and firewalls.  Persistence of data in a data bases; SAP Hana, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB are systems I have installed, configured and administered.  Finally "The Cloud" lives in Amazon Web Services where I have spent all of my cloud experience.    

Work History

Work experience

Dev Ops

Dec 2012 - Present
Phizzle, Inc

Building Infrastructure Automation, High availability, Monitoring, Continuous deployment and Integration through Atlassian Bamboo, and System Administration with Salt Stack.

Amazon Web Services I have a healthy understanding of include but are not limited to; Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) Auto Scaling Load Balancing DynamoDB Simple Notification Service (SNS) Simple Storage Service (S3) Route 53

SAP Hana Administration; Backup, High Availability and Fail over.

Research and Development:
Vagrant and other Hashi Corp products.

Docker and Docker Orchestrations.

Software Engineer

2011 - 2012

Linux administration and ETL (Extract Transform and Load) with Microsoft BizTalk, IBM web spheres Cast Iron.  ETL integration between services APIs; Salesforce to and from Rally agile software, Salesforce to and from Zuora Subscription and Billing.  Help in design and Implementation of data model for migration of PHP, MySql application to a Java PostgreSQL application.

Maintenance Technician

2008 - 2010
Fortrust LLC

Data Center Colocation grave yard shift; main duties included cooler maintenance and climate control. Periodically helped customers get server cages and cabinets setup and wired.  Trained to switch power from electrical to Diesel, but never had to implement.  Periodic checking of Diesel engines.



Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics with a Minor in Computer Science

2007 - 2010
Metropolitan State University of Denver

My major was focused on numerical analysis, I was accepted to the University of Sussex in Brighton, England for a Master Program, which I later declined as my wife and I could not afford both of us to receive visas.  The minor in computer science was a decent introduction in to the technology industry.  The final project was the most impressive part of the whole program.  Working with a small team to develop an on premise application integrated into a web application.  My team successfully completed the application.



SAP Hana

A proprietary in memory database provided by SAP AG.  I have installed, configured, migrated existing data model to Hana, Administered and scaled.   I was contacted by SAP to confirm a solution I posted on the community boards about a work around to issues upgrading to newer versions.  They were generating a knowledge base article based on my solution!  Epic!


Install, configuration and administration of a number of distributions; CentOS, RedHat, SuSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian.  

Amazon Web Services

EC2, S3, Dynamo, Elastic Bean Stalk, Elastic Load Balancers, Virtual Private Clouds, Elastic Block Storage, Simple Notification Service, Simple Queue Service, Cloud Watch, Cloud Front, Data Pipeline, IAM


Java web application development using a number of libraries.  Wrote a few REST APIs for communicating with the database.

Bash Scripting

Simple scripts to do monitoring finding and cleaning up artifacts.

Salt Stack

Similar to Chef, Puppet and Ansible.  A configuration management system I used to be able to communicate to groups of servers and update setting and/or restart services. 

Atlassian Bamboo

Continuous Integration and Deployment service allowing for the pulling and building of Java code.  Then the configuration and deployment to the appropriate server.

Zabbix Monitoring

Monitor system level metrics as well as application level metrics..
Installed, configured as well as wrote custom scripts to get custom metrics and send custom alerts to email, SMS and HipChat.

Windows Desktop/Server

Work computer uses Windows 10; Have a few servers running as Jump(Bastion) boxes for accessing private networks.  Had a server set up to run Active Directory Federated Services in an attempt to setup Single Sign On for two disparate applications.


Originally wanted to use for scale up process, in the industry and the size of company Phizzle provided, waiting for a VM to boot then become in service was too long for the bursts of volumes Phizzle experiences.  At the time Docker was no production ready, I then wanted to replace a pay service for continuous integration and deployment with docker.  


Used python for some simple scripts in monitoring service zabbix where bash failed.  Used an Amazon Web Service library boto to communicate with S3.

Objective C

Wrote a native IPhone app to POST and GET data from a Java REST api I wrote that subscribed the Iphone app to a beacon service.   It was a proof of concept for a beacon service Radius Networks provides. Once the iphone is subscribed through my Java API the Beacon sends a signal to the Java API which checks the iphone device is in our system then my service send the Iphone a push message.


No SQL data base Mongo DB; Used for a side project I was working on with a co worker.

PostgreSQL/MySQL installed, configured and administered these for a short while until SAP Hana.

Chef configuration management tool during AWS first putting out Ops Works Service 

Vagrant, Packer using for development team.  Quick way to get development team developing on Production like environments, instead of running app in IDE the process was to allow the app to deploy to a vagrant docker box of a production like environment.