Yuriy Kovalek

Yuriy Kovalek

Java software engineer


Java Software Developer

Programmer with 8+ years of industry experience. I specialize in Web API & server applications development and big data programming. My expertise includes deployment to clustered and cloud environments.

Technical Summary

Technology stack / frameworks:

Language: Strong Object Oriented Programming foundation, Java EE/SE, EJB, JMS, JNDI

XML / JSON: XSLT, DOM/SAX, JAXB, Jackson, Gson

Web: SOAP & REST Web API, MVC, Spring, Sockets, Google Protocol Buffers

Databases: SQL/JDBC, JPA, MySQL, Hibernate, MongoDB, Jongo, MapReduce, JavaScript,

AWS storage engines, Cassandra

Servers: Tomcat, Glassfish, AWS cloud

Automated Testing: JUnit, JMeter

Version control: SVN, Git

Operating Systems:

Mac OS, Android, Linux, Windows.

Work History

Work History
Jan 2015 - Jun 2015

Chief Software Architect


Ensuring the quality of the product; factorising the development, testing, and integration; bringing the product modules and processes up-to-date with requirements, standards and tools.

Teck stack: Java, Maven, Tomcat, Teamcity, JUnit, ALine

May 2013 - Dec 2014

Independent Contractor


Working as freelancer on various projects, including:

* Sabre Red application for tourism industry: event booking tied to itinerary and hotel search in the Sabre suit.

Tech stack: Core Java, Sabre Red API, WebServices

REST API for mobile app & Java wrapper for REST API

Tech stack: JAX-RS/Jersey, JSON/XML, Tomcat, AWS, MySQL

* Glassfish server troubleshooting

Tech stack: Glassfish, Java EE, MySQL

* OpenCellID - location & measurements data for cell towers gathered from mobile clients & 3rd parties. Millions of records written to DB every day.

Tech stack: Spring MVC, Mongo DB, MySQL, Tomcat, JSON, XML

May 2012 - May 2013

Database Analyst



Powering the Marketing Department with scores of business data, indices, and performance indicators. I extracted valuable information from project coffers to be used in PR & marketing campaigns, partner programs, all sorts of internal reports and more. I developed in-house tools & automated processes for Slando Marketing Department saving the team a huge amount of time and allowing our PR managers, business analysts, media planners, and partners to focus on the essential things and get new brand insights.

Slando provides free online classifieds services in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. 


Data mining, DB analysis, Java programming, 3rd party API integration.

Tech stack: MySQL, Java, JDBC, Tomcat

May 2011 - Mar 2012

Web Engineer

L1 Technologies, Inc.


The company works in the area of Vehicle Telematics, Golf GPS, and GIS Services. I worked in the iGolf department developing REST services for iGolf devices, reviewing code, refactoring and re-engineering iGolf server applications, and was the architect and principal programmer on the new GIS project the company is developing.


Development and support of REST services, code review, software engineering, technical evaluation, interviewing job candidates.

Tech stack: Java EE, Tomcat, AWS, Jersey/JAX-RS, Cassandra DB/JPA, SQL/MySQL, Hibernate, XML/JSON, JUnit, Teamcity

Jan 2010 - Apr 2011

Software Developer

VLF Networks B.V.


The company works in the area of IT consulting, networking, mobile development, and outsourcing. I worked as a server application programmer, having developed several mobile application back-ends for a number of leading Dutch and multinational businesses. See my portfolio: Ajax Mobile, SciVerse ScienceDirect.


Development and support of server applications, requirements analysis, technical evaluation, interviewing job applicants.

Tech stack: Java EE/SE, EJB, JMS, XML/XSLT, DOM/SAX, JAXB, SQL/MySQL/Oracle, JPA/Hibernate, JNDI, JDBC, Memcached, JUnit, WebServices/REST/SOAP, GlassFish.

Nov 2006 - Jan 2010

Java Developer

Eclipse SP, LLC


The company develops distributed and real-time software, enterprise applications, embedded applications, online games and platforms. I worked as Java Developer and Support Engineer, participating in several projects, like Eclipse Time Server, OpenFusion CORBA Services, and a proprietary advanced calculation toolkit used by Orange UK and several other mobile operators.


Development and support of desktop and web applications, requirements analysis, UI implementation, XML processing, bug fixing.

Tech stack: Java EE/SE, GWT, XML/XSLT, DOM/SAX, SQL, JDBC, ANTLR, JUnit, Tomcat.

May 2005 - Dec 2005


Atlas Copco


Did a research in a group of 3 people as part of university-industry collaboration. Details non-disclosable by terms of NDA.


Research in the area of control systems.

Tech stack: C++, MS Visual Studio, AI.

Jul 2002 - Nov 2002


SMU-3 of JSC Kyivelektromontazh


The company is a daughter company of JSC "Kyivelektromontazh", which specializes in industrial development. I worked in the financial and resource department, dealing with reports and warehousing application/database.

I developed several financial and warehousing reports and supported a proprietary Delphi application.


Financial and resource reports automation, warehousing application support.

Tech stack: Borland Delphi, SQL/MS Access, MS Excel.