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Javascipt, AngularJS, SASS

Node, Angular, Swift, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Bootstrap, Gulp, Grunt, Github

D3, backbone

Professional Experience 


Co-Founder & Talent agent

Tangerine Talent

I was a Co-Founder and CEO of Tangerine Talent. We went from having less then 10 clients to over 300 clients in the course of 3 years. I worked with Fortune 500 companies and brands to produce over 200 commercials for online media, print, national and international campaigns. I was in charge of day to day as well as recruiting and client management.

Partial List of Clients and Commercials

Visa, Apple, Verizon, Mcdonalds ,Toyota, Nike, Subaru, Nokia, Ubisoft, Samsung, Google, NFL, NBA, Best Buy, Disney, Logitech, Lincoln, Jordan Nike, 3M, Johnson Baby, Hyundai, Got Milk, One A Day Vitamins, GoGurt, FM Global, Food Network, DropBox, Direct TV, Chevy Van, Bridge Stone, At&t U-Verse, Wolfenstein, Budlight, Budweiser, Converse, SportsCaster, State Farm and Time Warner


Camp Counselor


  • Provided a safe and healthy environment, both physically and mentally, ensuring the operation of a quality Children’s program. 
  • Assisted in the planning and implementing of the daily activities that fit the children’s needs and interests.
  • Followed proper procedures for sign-in/out of children on a daily basis.
  • Established a relationship with each child and know his or her present level of understanding; considered the needs of all the children and treated each child with respect and dignity. 


Vineyard - Volunteer



Ogilvy & Mather

I was a creative working on a team to create the visual elements of design concepts for companies large and small. The largest and most complex project I was apart of was pitching UPS (United Parcel Service). It was a 3 month long process which involved rethinking and changing the brand identity of UPS from a shipping company to a global logistics company and making people understand that. Ogilvy and Mather pitched against every other major advertising agency and I'm happy to say we won the account.



Kaiser Summer Camp
  • handled business operations and hired

Recent Projects 

Reserver Space | Software Engineer |

Website for making reservations anywhere and everywhere.

  • Designed and created mock-up for entire front end
  • Improved UI & User On-Boarding
  • Bootstrap. Rebranded entire front end.
  • Angular - connected front end to back end

Tinnr | Product Manager and Software  Engineer|

A website to help people to pick what to eat

  • Sass - front end design
  • Bootstrap - front end design
  • Gulp - created automated build workflow
  • Angular - connected front end to back end
  • Implemented project management tools (ie. slack, trello)
  • Collaborated on backend architecture
  • Designed and created mock-up for entire front end

FaceCheck | Software  Engineer

A website that will detect faces and tell you faces age, gender and emotion 

  • Node/ExpressJS - for hosting
  • SkyBiometry Facial Recognition API
  • Multer for file upload

Personal Interests