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As the President and CEO of Tessler Developments and WBB Construction, Yitzchak Tessler oversees various real estate development projects throughout the greater New York area. Since founding the company in 2001, Yitzchak Tessler has undertaken a broad range of projects, including condominiums, hotels, educational facilities, and medical buildings. Under Mr. Tessler’s stewardship, Tessler Developments has set a clear benchmark in terms of creativity, luxury, and efficiency. His projects, which include prominent sites such as The Textile Building, are notable for their transformative qualities, often increasing the investment value of the surrounding area and changing the overall face of the neighborhood with their sophisticated design and elegance. Prior to his work in real estate development, Yitzchak Tessler owned and managed several companies in the wholesale diamond field. For 20 years, Mr. Tessler headed Transvaal Diamonds, a business that worked closely with famed diamond company DeBeers. As President, Mr. Tessler was instrumental in overseeing the process of purchasing, cutting, and polishing diamonds in preparation for sale to international dealers. His effort led to Transvaal Diamonds becoming the largest diamond manufacturing company in the world for two consecutive years. While working at Transvaal Diamonds, Mr. Tessler also served as the President of Y&M Diamond Trading in New York City, which purchased and sold both rough and polished diamonds to distributors and retailers around the globe. Beyond his professional endeavors, Yitzchak Tessler maintains a deep commitment to his community. In addition to contributing to charitable organizations such as The Bowery Mission and Colel Chabad, Mr. Tessler channels his professional resources into building educational facilities such as Yeshiva Bnos Bais Yaakov, a private religious girl’s school.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2001 - Present


Tessler Developments

Real estate development firm:Purchase, develop, manage and sell real estate in the greater New York area.