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  I will graduate from university in 2012June. Professional accounting makes me a clear and delicate one, I also trained to quickly analyze problems, and to reach a solution ability. At the same time, I am also a creative and humorous person, can be acutely aware of the fundamental interests and not by conventional bound, the handling of the issue can be a degree of relaxation, even if difficult, I can find solutions to maximize the satisfaction of the humor, maybe I will be a good medicine.

  University internships and part-time experience so that I can communicate with people and can rapidly grasp each other discourse focus, also trained me quickly integrate into the new environment, new team capability. Internships and part-time experiences I deeply appreciate the high pace and cruel. Therefore, I understand that in the work of continuous self charging is very necessary. I am willing to immerse into any can help our company and progress of the necessary education, to promote the company's development as its mission.

  I am not the best, but expect the best, your identity, will become the direction of my efforts.

  I'm not perfect, but expect perfection, you certainly, I will become the transformation begins

Work experience

Jun 2010Aug 2010

Sanli High-tech Development Company

I practiced in the financial department.

Sep 2006Dec 2006




Sep 2009Present

Junior College