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December 12, 2016

Hiring Manager

Employer Relations

Beedie School of Business, SFU

Segal Campus, Vancouver


Re: Marketing Intern, Employer Relations, Beedie School of Business, SFU


Dear Ms. Michaela Luecke:

Technology, creativity, diversity, and collaboration are what drive Adidas to be the leader in the sports goods industry. As a senior marketing communication student, I am interested in strategic planning and execution of market offerings, especially the role of IT in decision-making. With an international background, I have developed the ability to be flexible to numerous situations. I look forward to bringing in my global perspective as well as my knowledge in social media marketing and data analytics to your consumer analytics team.

With the advancement in technology, marketing and business operation processes have become digital and globalized. With a passion to learn more about such shift, I chose to study abroad in Germany in Spring 2016 at the University of Mannheim to further my study in digital marketing and brand management. Being cognitively flexible in both left and right brain, I could be creative, intuitive, logic and analytical all at the same time. Experiences from work, school and extra-curriculum activities helped me equally develop the skills at both left and right brain tasks. With a growing interest in finding stories and driving strategic decisions behind data, I'm pursing a certificate in Business Analytics aside from a BBA in Marketing Communications. 

Academic and extracurricular activities has built up my strong communication, organization, problem-solving and project management skills. Working as a marketing and project assistant at Noura Construction required me to research and identify content trends and developed contents for the company website, social media channels, monthly newsletters and brochures. Specifically, I used Hootsuite Analytics to monitor the website traffic and found contents that investors and clients are mostly interested in. I also prepared monthly real estate industry reports by analyzing key information from the market database. Furthermore, I worked with a shooting crew for the company's three commercial videos and prepared scripts accordingly. I am currently interning at Deloitte commercial due diligence services, learning everything about business strategy consulting in the merge and acquisition sector. 

As a constant learner, I am always on the look for opportunities to grow personally and professionally. It would be such a great pleasure for me to live in Deutschland again and be part of Adidas' international team. With my diverse experience along with my enthusiastic work ethic, I will make an excellent addition to your team. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Yingyin Season Ji