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Work experience


Pharmacy Assistant

Shoppers Drug Mart

At the pharmacy in Shoppers Drug Mart I mainly work the cash register, fill and enter prescriptions.



R Occhipinti Masonry

When I work with my dads masonry business I do general labour for the job, lifting stones, digging, mixing masonry and helping my dad with anything he may need.



East York Baseball

As an umpire I called balls and strikes, if runners are out or safe and had general control over the game. Mainly umpired for kids house league between the ages of 8-12.



High School Diploma

Malvern Collegiate Institute 

Volunteer Work

Rec Center 

When I volunteered at the Rec Center I mainly would referee/manage kids ball hockey games played in the gym.


Customer Service

At Shoppers Drug Mart I am constantly dealing with customers, I've experienced all kinds of situations regarding customers, whether it's unhappy customers or happy ones I have seen it all. I have also seen absolutely livid parents and coaches while umping which has taught me to stay calm and do my best to explain the situation and help them get to a calmer state in any way I can. 

Cash Register

Over two years of using a cash register has made me very confident in my ability to work effectively and efficiently at the cash, even when its busy.