Work experience

Work experience


ADKernel, a US Company based in Miami, Florida, mission is to develop world class technologies for Online Advertising and Big Data processing markets.

Unlike our competition, the key reason to our success is the fact that we develop all of our Java based code from scratch. Our systems are developed around handling massive amounts of Ad serving and large data volumes with the highest level of optimization. Our team consists of highly motivated professionals in the the Computer Science, Online Advertising and Data Analytics space.

With a global reach, we have established long-term partnerships with customers across the world, helping them grow and expand their business and cater to their every needs.

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BIO - Yevgen Peresvyetov -

Currently, Eugene is focused on the development and commercialization of proprietary technologies for the Online Advertising and Big Data processing markets.  Foremost among these efforts is “ADKernel” (formerly known as “Trustename”)—an online ad-serving platform considered to be the fastest and most efficient of its kind, particularly in the XML/CPC arena.  ADKernel represents a consortium of efforts led by Eugene, with technology development based in the Ukraine; product commercialization and business development based in Miami, Florida; and with additional licensing and distribution operations in other strategic locations.

After graduating with honors from the Ukrainian Technical University in 1996, Eugene began his career as a Programming Engineer in the field of geo-information technologies and digital mapping.  In 2001, he moved on to a major IT company in the Ukraine, where he headed the Department for Software Applications.  

He went out on his own in 2005 to provide bespoke software programming solutions. It only took three years for Eugene and his team to roll out their own full-featured online advertising platform, which instantly distinguished itself among the most innovative platforms in the CPC/CPV XML advertising segment.  The platform was used as a base for numerous products and services in the CPC, CPV and CPM (display) ad-serving markets, including by the rapidly launched and successfully operated, and many others. 

By 2010, Eugene and his team found themselves developing more and more proprietary (rather than incorporating off-the-shelf) solutions in response to customer needs.  It was then that they decided to create a wholly reengineered platform from the ground up, using their own, more efficient code geared toward the specific needs of their target markets and clients.  Hence, the new, optimized platform “ADKernel” was born.

ADKernel’s proprietary Java-based code and systems are developed around handling massive amounts of ad-serving and other large data volumes with the highest level of optimization—absolutely crucial to the advertising network and publishing customer.  Other companies rely on generic products and standard components that are not optimized for specific needs or markets, and hence are at a speed, efficiency and expandability disadvantage.  Furthermore, ADKernel’s innovative platform architecture provides enormous scaling and easy expandability, which translate into rollouts of new, feature-rich products in a fraction of the customary time.

Eugene’s business success is driven by his passion to bring cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technologies to life and make them available to a broader audience.  In his free time, Eugene spends time with his loving family, and keeps fit by playing tennis and golf.