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software troubleshooting
software debugging
dark basic programming
java programming

Personal Initiative

One of the initiatives that i took up this year was stepping up to be the leader of the programming group when the computer science club when to code wars in Houston. Our leader jack was not able to go with us so i stepped up and led the group. I was extremely excited to be able to be a leader because that is what i was wanting to do the entire year. At the same time i was also extremely nervous because i worried that i wouldn't be able to handle the leadership position and i would show up to the competition and forget everything, not being able to do anything. Before i left to go i had a serious talk with jack and was able to get over my nervousness and go determined. Another one of the things i did was step out of my comfort zone and help other students that needed help programming their projects. It took me a little while to work my way up to helping anyone in the class but i started with people i was friends with and worked my way out of there to helping anyone when they needed help.


The character trait i chose is responsibility. I think responsibility is an extremely important thing. I always get what i need to get finished done first so that i don't have to cram it in the last minute. I cant just let my responsibilities go because i know that a lot is riding on me taking care of my responsibilities. I have demonstrated this trait throughout the year.  I always completed all of my projects and assignments to the best of my ability. I was also always prepared for the tests. I also went out of my way and helped others with their responsibilities of completing their work by motivating them to do it instead of playing games.

Rights & Responsibilities

When people create video games they are allowed to contribute their portion to the project but can also help other developers with their parts. Usually there is a group of people who decide what is going to go into the video game and there is another group of people who actually create and develop the product. There is usually people that create the code and then there is another group of people who create the media for the game such as models, sound, images, and animations. The product must be original and developed by the team, code or other objects can not be duplicated out of other games. LINK TO COPYRIGHT LAWS:


involved in:

  • Computer science club
  • FOR club

Goals for next year

One of the goals i have for next year is to participate in Code Wars again and place in the competition. I plan to be in the computer science club and work extremely hard with Daniel and Jack to become extremely proficient in programming. I want to then use that skill to go down to Houston to the competition and place in the competition. That is one of my goals because i have always wanted to be a computer programmer and that would really mark a milestone in my path to becoming a computer programmer and realizing my dream.

My highlight

The single best moment in programming time for me this year was when i was in Houston in Code Wars programming. I was so excited to be in the competition finally after working towards it all year, it was also made much better that i was there with two great friends. It was one of best moments in my life because it was one of the great steps towards becoming the computer programmer that i want to be. I will never forget going to that competition, it was just simply one of the best moments i have ever had.