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I was born In Venezuela, where I established myself in order to commence my project. Inspired always by the details, textures and colors of my surroundings.


Work Experience


Designer Director at Yenny Bastida


Hand made | Femenine | Textures
Exclusive designs with tropical accent 


Unique, handmade pieces, with techniques, colors, textures, cuts and designs that respond to the Venezuelan woman's temperament: determined, enterprising, tenacious and enthusiastic; Prêt-à-porter with tropical accent.

A fashion project with values for women, created by women who manage to develop all their abilities to the fullest, thanks to the philosophy of commitment and responsibility that Yenny Bastida has in place at her atelier. All the pieces are produced in a friendly atmosphere, where the children of each of the women of the team are cared for and provided with daily nutrition and after-school activities, including art, language and creativity classes, while their mothers carry out the tasks of designing, cutting, fittting, and finishing garments.

Troupe SS2013

A troupe of laborious craftsmen stamped their skills in each cut and stitch, giving shape to the designer's exciting creative dreams. Creating with exotic fabrics, a beautiful and very showy wardrobe that lavishes joy to those who see it.

Dresses that musically border the silhouette and stylize the figure, peplum skirts with cuts at the waist, straight pants that lengthen the leg and delicately structured blouses are some of the pieces that make up this beautiful show, intended for women to find something perfect, in order to shine through the different roles under the magical tent of life.

PH Alberto Hernandez - MO Edmary Fuentes - MUA Marco Duran

Alhelí SS2014

Alheli is a song of kindness, it is a women. It represents all the beauty of the person that taught me the value of handmade. Her perfect feminine curves were always decorated by outfits created by herself, says the designer.

It is expressed in shades of blossoms of alheli, the balance, the nostalgia and the joy of living. Prussian Blue, red gules, yellow, pink buganvilia sprinkled with beige, white and black kasan.

The raw and printed fabrics, chosen with careful precision by Yenny Bastida, highlight the elaborate details made by hand, the applications, the flyers that are already the designer's stamp. Sleeves and necklines of the Alheli collection, stand out with beautiful ornaments which accentuate the structural power of the skirts.

PH Juan de los Mares - MO Natasha Amaya
Irene Torrealba - ST Antonio Sierra
- MUA Isabel Montiel -
PR Hans Muller

Raquis Fall 2015

 From liberty or lack of inspiration emerges, in this occasion, the birds and their colors were the starting point, however the designer was captured by all their attention, specifically by the structure of the feathers generating cuts, lines and details that presume to become an ode to freedom.

Raquis, a word derived from the latinization of the greek paxoc, is used to name the axial support of various animal and plant structures. The geometric, mathematical, exquisite and sublime nature of these feather structures mark the birth of timeless very feminine dresses, without prints that recharge the soft and unexpected textures of these pieces impregnated with sublimity thanks to their delicate stitches.

The most emblematic plumage of the region, macaws or parrots flood every piece of Raquis. Black, green, orange, red and yellow are the tones of Latin American identity.

In this way, blouses with wings, skirts with flight and dresses with determining figures become the new classics. Designs adjusted to the demands of those ladies who know exactly what they want and who value exclusivity. 

PH Juan de los Mares - MO Andrea Vilchez Urdaneta - ST Silvia Saavedra  - MUA Amor amor

11 SUR SS2016

Inspiration takes many paths, like those streets with houses made of walls, colorful bars and windows of towns in Venezuela. In one of those picturesque streets, on Sur 11 avenue San Agustin in Caracas, you will find images of these colorful houses like Santa Lucia en Zulia, Tintorero en Lara, Nigua en Yaracuy, La Asuncion en la Isla de Margarita. 11Sur takes the risk and fascination as well as its perfect latin architecture which is easy to see in a small fishing town or a highway under the sun of a Venezuelan plain.

Its the violets, the frambuesa reds, the white and the intense greens that are the key colors of the palette with chiffon, silks and lace as well as multi colored fringe. The 11 Sur collection is a closet of sorts that pays tribute to those towns that are inherited to those that were born in this land. Jackets predominate, skirts with trimming, embroidered flowers. A pret s porter collection with all the tropical joy, like all those houses that line the streets of Venezuela. 

PH Juan de los Mares - MO Melitza Larrazabal  ST Silvia Saavedra  - MUA Amor amor


Marchanta pays homage to those women that love to travel the world, the ones that go to discover new opportunities, the ones that enjoy the surprises that new destinations bring.

 Evokes in each detail the femininity that the designer has transformed into her personal stamp and company. In this opportunity, to dress with elegance and versatility these women that make their dreams come true, and in this way convert them into owners of their own destiny.

 Each step taken by the women that wear the Marchanta line, are accompanied by hues of blue violet, red and green, with emphasis on the always perfect black and white. Textures of brilliant velvet, which transform a new personality by way of delicate caps of fringe, tulle and lace.

PH Alejandro Lee - MO  Daniela Fermo ST  Salma Barake - MUA Gladys Clavijo

Florilegio SS2017

 A bouquet of colors and textures. A compilation of forms, cuts. An anthology of modern architecture references of Venezuela. A Florilegio.

Florilegio was inspired by the cultural and architectural principles of the XX century in the country. 

The principle reference of Florilegio in that Venezuela of the 1900 that open way for Art Deco and Art Nouveau which captured Europe, transforming forever simply spaces to breath art says the designer, whos brand has sewn dreams for the Venezuelan woman for the past 12 years.

The pieces in this collection have vibrant colors such as violet, yellow Araguaney and Cuarzo rose. They are accompanied by others such as gold and black and white, with textures from silk italian embroidery to chiffon, offering elegance and femininity to each day. 

Florilegio converges textures, colors and feminine forms in which each stitch celebrates the woman that breaks barriers, as did those women, that still today off anthology to our cultural history.  

PH Rafael Franceschi MO  Fabiana D'Alba ST  Salma Barake - MUA Gladys Clavijo Elvis Carrasquel - LO Casa de las Primeras Letras Simón Rodríguez - Caracas 

FILĀRE Fall 2017

Filare, born from the wonderful transformation that converts textile fiber into works of art in the world of fashion design.

 A transformation that is very close to all women that change every day.

 The new collection is the perfect needlework between the inspiration of fabrics and what happens in life.

 Filare latin word Hilar understands and gives inspiration to that thin piece of filament or thread that join your dreams, affections, sentiments, places and memories that never leave us, that is what our line produces, a thread that never breaks, an attraction, a virtue that we sew day by day, its a story that you will never let go of.

 On this occasion the colors are guided by a principal palette of lavender, pale rose, marfil, black, gold and blue, with fraying, embroidered and perfectly cut fabrics to achieve curves and sleeves that open, low necklines and flowing skirts to achieve unforgettable designs.  

PH Rafael Franceschi MO Tania Mafilito  ST  Salma Barake - MUA Gladys Clavijo - LO D´Museo  

V i v a r i u m SS2018

¨They might be able to cut all the flowers, but they can't detain spring¨   

Pablo Neruda.

The woman that can't be suppressed, wildflower,  cuts and aromas with feminine forms, the designs in this collection are one of a kind pieces with unforgettable textures, soft like pedals. precisely like the leaves of each plant that grows in Latin America.

Detailed ruffles, skirts with tulip cuts, embroidered mesh like skin that exposes sensuality that is never lost. Light silk chiffon, lace with organza flowers cut by hand and cotton linen that softly treats that women that never wilts and that blooms all the months of the year.

Vivarium's mood board is to remember how fortunate we are to have this marvelous climate and are inspiration is planted in our garden.

PH Rafael Franceschi MO Edmary Fuentes  ST Daniela Benaim   - MUA Gladys Clavijo - LO Jardin Sartenejas

Sabana Tropical FW2018

The "Sabana tropical" Fall 2018 collection by Venezuelan fashion designer Yenny Bastida is a love letter to this arid and vibrant map, to this vigorous and challenging thicket that is Latin America. To the green exuberance of the banana trees. To the colored houses washed by the sun. To the deep villages after long streets of undergrowth, milky and mango. To the dry grasslands and furious bushes. To the flat palms watching the breezes. To the old lattices of the hamlets. To the florid fierceness of the climbers. To the morning clouds that are drawn, after the rains, in the marshes of clear water. To that resounding immensity that stretches the horizons. "The savannahs are very green lands, very noble, submissive and silent lands, lands that have nothing more to offer and offer everything", says Bastida, who as part of his inspiration tells the novel "Doña Bárbara" by Rómulo Gallegos and the poem "La siembra" by Miguel Otero Silva, the love tunes of the land of Simón Díaz, as well as the photographs of the book "Venezuela vernacular" by the architect and writer Federico Vegas. Because Venezuela is the beginning of a trip to Latin America.

PH Rafael Franceschi MO Karla Vieira ST Daniela Benaim   - MUA Judith Padron - LO Guama, Yaracuy - Venezuela 

Gart der SS2109

Under the strong influence of the values that underlie creative and production processes such as Slow Fashion, Gart der emerged, a proposal by designer Yenny Bastida for the SS2019 season.  

Flowers, tropics and femininity are part of the designer Yenny Bastida's Moodboard, this time the botanical illustrations and the teachings of her mother after the trips of her childhood, captivated her to capture in Gart der SS19 new textures that draw in each Design a new way to enjoy the art to wear.   A collection that is a tribute to women capable of giving life and creating, Gart der contains manual works, rescuing textile interventions with materials inspired by illustrations such as Mandragora by Johannes de Cuba for Hortus sanitatis 1491, where the root of it resembles to female human silhouettes and possesses properties for fertility and conception.  

"Our team is like that root able to bloom and bear fruit, the woman who produces every detail in our brand is the one that gives life"   Each of these pieces are sewn with values such as teamwork, respect and roots, Yenny Bastida has created a sustainable fashion brand, where in addition to professionalizing your team 100% Venezuelan women, provides personalized attention and balanced nutrition to the children of the same during the working days, thus achieving a bubble project that returns to the country women capable of being prosperous and a legacy of education, values and example for those children who are the future of our country.

  With this premise of ¨Dressing with values¨, Yenny Bastida designed for Gart der exclusive pieces with interventions of tapes on textiles such as Chambray, raw linen, cotton, combining them with nobler fabrics to create new patterns of textures, creating dresses and skirts with layers , blouses with volume and linear cuts, where sleeves with height form part of the designer's personal stamp.  

"It's a concept born of the need to stay together in difficult times, children are part of the team because they give us hope for a possible future with education and art, since they live it up close in the workshop, see their mothers make them proud, as they are part of this team and that is our best legacy "

PH Rafael Franceschi  ST Daniela Benaim   - MUA Judith Padron 


Raquis Trunk Show at Museum of Fine Arts Caracas Venezuela


Florilegio Trunk show at Cruz Diez Museum