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organized, flexible and driven with an ability to stay on task. I have had 2 years of experience with restaurant work and more than 3 years of experience working with children. 

Work experience

Jan 2011Aug 2015


Portland rescue mission

Serving the homeless community of Portland by doing tasks such as serving them meals, cleaning their plates, sharing the gospel and showing them Gods endless love. 

Jul 2012Aug 2012


Young Nak Presbyterian church

I went to South Korea for 1 month in the year of 2012 and I thought students in less fortunate areas English as well as the bible. I learned how to communicate with others when a language barrier is present, Organization skills and  planning skills.

Oct 2013Aug 2015


Sushi Town

Served customers at their tables and made their dining experience as pleasant as possible. Working as a waitress taught me to be professional and kind to all.

Jun 2015Aug 2015

First grade teacher

Young Nak summer school

I thought a class of first graders  English, math and most importantly  God. For 3 months I learned how to be a teacher and gained teaching experience. Within the 3 month period taught my students about Addition, subtraction, skipping numbers and counting money as well as helped them to get  comfortable with reading and writing. We went over poetry, capitalization, rhyming and short stories.


Sep 2010Jun 2015

General education development (GED)

Westview Highschool

-I Graduated  with a 3.5 GPA.

-I participated in clubs such as Key club, DECA and habitats for humanity. 

-I qualified for DECA's international career development conference in Orlando, Florida. 


Strong work ethic
Positive attitude

I am optimistic and open minded. People find me to be very affable which makes working in groups easy, if needed I am always willing to step up and take the leadership position. I am  willing to listen to other peoples input and better myself through  criticism.


 Being organized has given me the ability to meet deadlines in the past and use time wisely, which has helped me to be productive.


I adapt to new places, responsibilities and challenges quickly. I embrace change and I am always open to new ideas and thoughts.


References available upon request.