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English Teacher graduated at Universidad Distrital, highly interested in teaching EFL communicatively, mastering and specialization of English Language proficiency in all language skills. Full domain of virtual learning environments and on-site programs. Student enrolled in the Masters in Education in IT and Education Technology  at Universidad San Martin de Porres. Able to communicate in English effectively using English at work with successful outcomes. Capable of training students on international exams and their standard abilities.

Skillful to establish professional relationships in any labour environment, teamwork and decision-making situations. Ready to learn more and achieve new working experiences, not only in teaching but also in designing material, researching and adapting new technologies into class methodologies.

Proficiency tests:  APTIS: C 2018, BULATS Nov. 2014 - C1, OPT (Oxford Testing C1, Mar. 2014.  SE Cambridge Exams (YLE and KET- PET)


February 2017Current

Professor at Languages Department - Tutor in LMS


Teaching English lessons for all the programs on campus and in virtual campus. These English programs are directed to mostly adult students for undergraduate programs. Virtual English lessons given in LMS. (Moodle and Blackboard)

February 2018Dicember 2018

Virtual Instructor -Bilingualism


Tutoring, assessing and providing online formation for short courses offered by SENA nation wide (Blackboard platform- Blackboard Collaborate)

September - 2015December 2016

Professor at Language Center - Tutor in LMS


Teaching communicative English lessons for all levels and programmes addressed to young college and adult students. Virtual English lessons taught by the use of LMS and learning platforms. Colaborator for Evaluation Comitee for assessment work and design of standarized tests for the institution.

May- 2013September - 2015

English Teacher and Exams Invigilator


Teaching communicative English lessons for general English individual programmes addressed to professionals, college and adult students. Training  courses for Toefl, Toefl ITP, Ielts and Pet exams on specific language skills for individual programs. Training professionals from different areas in English for Business communication  in-house group programs.

I also supported the official exams administration as support proctor for Toefl ITP sessions and Met

May - 2013December 2013

Academic Coordinator Assistant


Supporting the general academic coordination, dealing with the weekly revision of multi-languages program offered by CEIDI to national police officers. Checking curriculum, syllabi, class observation and monitoring platforms for multi-media use and new technologies implemented in class. I also helped in the recruitment and hiring process for teachers of different languages and levels.  

April 2012May - 2013

Academic Adviser - Tutor


English Language Adviser. Teaching of EFL focusing on grammar and multi-level activities to develop each person’s skills. I taught English to adults in all four-level advisories corresponding to the company’s program; elementary, basic, intermediate and advanced

March 2007January - 2012

English tutor

PrivaTeacher (OBM)

English Language Tutor in charge of developing laboratories and tutoring conversational lessons for the company’s program. I taught EFL mainly to adults, all types of professional fields. Emphasising on oral communicative skills where I enjoyed teaching pronunciation, listening skills and communicative lessons which were based on speaking. I was leading a short training course for the TOEIC