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Yee Vang



Hard working and dependable person utilizing skills, knowledge and experiences to obtain results in timely efficient manner

Work experience

Mar 2015Present


Pace Analytical
  • Prepare pharmaceutical and medical device samples in support of studies coordinated by senior staff
  • Perform wet chemistry and instrumental tests required for the assessment of pharmaceutical excipients/raw materials, pharmaceutical active pharmaceutical ingredients(APIs), pharmaceutical finished products, and medical device products
  • Assist with the process of compiling, analyzing, interpreting, and documenting results
  • Assist with the troubleshooting of complex analytical methodologies/matrixes
  • Run established methodologies in accordance with the PLS quality system
Jul 2014Mar 2015

Senior Laboratory Technician

Pace Analytical
  • Analyze raw materials, materials in process and finished products for various parameters according to established written procedures
  • Make observations in regard to color and foreign material(contamination) compared to standards. Calculate and record results of analyses
  • Report results to the operating department, advising measures necessary to make chemical corrections
  • Enter data into LIMS or other software for data management processes
  • Call attention to results that are not consistent with specifications or behavior and appearance that are unusual
  • Prepare and standardize reagents used in laboratory analyses.
Jul 2013Jul 2014

Laboratory Technician

Pace Analytical
  • Prepare solutions and samples for analysis in an efficient and organized manner
  • Utilize various laboratory techniques to ensure client samples meet strict regulatory specifications
  • Adhere to Good Documentation Practices and GMP requirements to keep detailed and accurate records of results
Jul 2010Jul 2013

Senior Laboratory Technician

Pace Analytical
  • Received, processed, documented and distributed the environmental, bacteriological and toxicological specimens within time limits established by the environmental laboratories Prepared testing kits for all departments
  • Examined accompanying laboratory requisition forms and verified the required sample bottles are present and required preservatives are added by using analytical test paper strips
  • Processed packages for delivery utilizing best method of shipment Monitored inventory of supplies used to prepare testing kits and shipments
Nov 2003Mar 2006

Laboratory Technician

Pace Analytical
  • Extracted Blood Samples and run them on hexane for PCB's Grinded soil sample to homogenous and prepped up for analyst to run for PCB's
  • Weighed wet soil sample and dry them then weight it for analysts
  • Sieved up soil sample and prep for analyst to run for lead
  • Disposed of hazard and non hazard waste materials
  • Ran samples on analyst instrument for methane and methanol


Sep 2013Present

Associates of Science

North Hennepin Community College


Google Docs

Google Docs is an efficient tool to use and can be used in many different ways. Google Docs can be created, edited and uploaded to either be use for private and personal use.  Google Docs can be accessed anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection and a Google account.  Google Docs can be used for personal use and professional use.  Personally, Google Docs can be used to help plan for trips and it would hold everyone accountable for the things they are responsible for bringing. Professionally, Chemist such as myself can and will use it to send written report of steps to preparing the samples and describing the results from the sample to managers and counterparts.  It will be much more efficient because managers and counterparts can edit the documents in "live" mode. As a team the organization can benefit from time efficiency because everything can be edited in a timely fashion and people can be held accountable to do their part. Google Docs can keep me organized and professional.  This tool is amazing with being able to work and access any time. 

Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheets is a tool where spreadsheets can be created, edited and uploaded to either be use for private and personal use and/or be shared with your network.  The main reason for Google Spreadsheet is because the accessibility and easiness of being able to send to anyone in the network which will be useful for live editions and/or corrections.  The importance of the tool is that it be uploaded from an existing spreadsheet in my laptop/personal computer hard drive and send it to my peers to provide input in regards their comments and questions will be able to be automatically inserted where I can view their input. How easy was it to use?  It is self explanatory to any one who is able to access the document.  Google Spreadsheets can only be accessed when a Google account is created.  I tested the Google Spreadsheet by creating a simple spreadsheet by clicking on a "new spreadsheet" and then from there I was able to type my information and saved it in my Google Drive.  My newly created spreadsheet would be saved on my Google Spreadsheet dashboard. Personally I see myself using Google Spreadsheet to keep my finances in order and being able to share it with my significant other.  Professionally, I would love to use this tool to send my data collection  and reports from preparing my chemical samples; then sending it to my manager and counterparts for their notification and information. From viewing the tool, anyone can use this tool and find it useful.  I found financial officers using it to keep their metrics and show their clients.  Business people tracking sales and sending them across the nation for input.  This tool is useful that it keeps it in one version instead of multiple. What do you want your Google tool to say about you? Google Spreadsheet would be able to track my work as a Chemist and share it with my manager so he can submit my work to be approved electronically in a seamless fashion. Privacy settings can be dictated by the creator of the spreadsheet.  Google Spreadsheet is versatile where it be accessed anywhere where there is internet connection and Google account.


Flowcharts by is an efficient tool to create flowcharts. Flowcharts are relevant to my career because I am a chemist and every step I take needs to be documented. Flow chart capabilities were very easy to use and easy to understand how to use it.  Basically, all I had to do was write things in the order I wanted to in the text box and move it to the software and then it creates the flow chart.  There is a variety of ways you can change the display of the flow chart.  Icons can be added.  The arrows/lines are flexible; thus, making easier to draw lines to connect. From my point of view, people used the flow charts to charter an business organization, build out projects and/or put a process together. Anybody can use this tool and can be beneficial to all. I would use it for work professionally because I have to chart all my processes as I run each sample. This will create the process for the next chemist who will run the sample. Flowcharts are not meant only for company's organizational structure but can be for anything show organization. 

Future web tools

Prezi Presentation is a tool I would potentially like to explore in the near future because I think there is a lot to offer.  I like the flexibility and versatility of the tool.  Flexibility because I can go anywhere in the world and be able to access the presentation as long as I have internet access. Versatility because the presentation tools are easy to use and can be very creative. Prezi presentations will give me an advantage because it will show my creative sensibility and solutions to accessibility.  In addition, Prezi presentations will represent me as a professional.

Google Keep is a tool I would also like to explore in the future because I believe it will keep me organized.  Being organized can keep me efficient with my time and help me balance my goal of work/life balance.  Google Keep is a tool that help me with my note taking as a chemist and keeping me on my toes with organization.  This tool will represent my time efficiency as well as a respected professional in the field when I turn in professional work.