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I've been schooled in everything from C to MySQL and am highly adaptable. However, my working language experience is JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and ActionScript. I'm very good at scripting and am currently teaching myself HTML5. Seems like that's where things are headed so I wanted to be on top of things.At my last job I worked on CBTs for a military contractor, using flash and mostly JavaScript. I've created games, web pages, logos, and graphics. Currently, I'm working on putting my portfolio together and finding a job I can grow with.I will go where the jobs are if need be. I appreciate any help you can give me in accomplishing my goals.SpecialtiesFlash development, Adaptability, Scripting languages, Customer Service


Feb 2006Jun 2009

Bachelors in Information Technology

ECPI College of Technology

Work experience

Aug 2009Jun 2011

Jr. Analyst

Technial Systems Integrated

• Perform technical and analytical work concerned with the development of computer based training (CBT) for the U.S. Navy training programs using a flash platform • Create documents using JavaScript, HTML, XML, and SGML • Post completed site to internet server using FTP software • Assist with process, data and object modeling in a variety of application and database environments • Work independently and as part of a highly competent program support team during end-to-end system life cycle and development of major projects • Incorporates ECPs (Engineering Change Proposals) to existing IETMs (Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals) • Beginners knowledge of Epic Editor for S1000D Development

2008Jun 2009

Student Mentor

ECPI College of Technology

• Provide a positive role model • Orient new students to the college culture • Advise students of services and programs available to them • Increase student’s commitment • Develop greater self-esteem in students • Nurture autonomy and problem solving skills • Enhance the student’s leadership abilities


Used in my last job.  Currently use for personal web.
Used in my last job.
C, C+, C++, and C# are languages I learned in college but haven't used much.
I've used Flex mostly at home.  I don't have on the job experience with flex.
I use ActionScript programming with flash.
I used javascript daily at my last job and currently in my web designing.
HTML was the very first language I learned. 
I created CBTs for the military using primarily Adobe flash.  I currently use adobe flash at home.


Elizabeth Snell

We went to college together and worked on several projects together.

Lindsay Martin

We went to college together and worked on several projects together.