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I am a sophomore international student currently studying computer science at Depauw University.

At the university I have a lot of work experience from the Information Technology Associates Program (ITAP).

I want to use the following experiences to be able to work to my full potential.

Work experience

English Camp Teacher

Changsun Church

-Taught and led camp activities for 7 hours a day with groups of students from kindergarten to high school.-Sang and led worship during the English camp.

Feb 2012Present



ITAP Internship with a Professor-Working on a summer research proposal for a parent monitoring program.-Researching the qualities of an ethical computer program.-Researching on how to create virtualized computer networks by VM-Ware.

May 2011Aug 2011



Summer ITAP Work

-Assessed the needs of a client who wanted a website and created the complete website to their specification.-Assessed the needs of a client who wanted a learning software and created a management system for learning assessment tools (flash cards, multiple choice, ie) that I also created.-Reviewed and documented various articles for ITAP use.-Developed programs to help colleagues classify and search their database.

Feb 2010Feb 2011

Tutor and Teacher

Westview Highschool

-Designed a course curriculum and taught several students a course equivalent to Algebra 1 and Geometry.-Prepared the students for a placement test at their school so they could test out the equivalent course that I taught.-Taught basic physics to a group of 15 students; helped them prepare for a Science competition.

Jan 2011Feb 2011



Winter Term Independent Study -Presented a project proposal complete with a work timeline and milestones.-Collaborated with the professor to prepare for the project.-Corresponded with the professor during the project to document my progress on the project.-Completed a fully operational social search engine website that meets the final product specified on the project proposal.


Aug 2010Present





Can speak read and write Spanish, English, and Korean.
Proficient in the following languages with varied level of expertise.   C++ C Java Ruby Scala YASL