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Yda Loraine Bautista

Why Hire Me?

Backed by more than 10 years of Operations Excellence, dedicated to bringing organizations to the next phase of growth and development through Progressive Leadership.

Focused and motivated to improve processes, streamline operations and Quantifiable Revenue Increases.

Work experience

Jun 2015Present

Head of Operations

  • Marketing/Sales Strategy. Dependable and cross-functional team leader who led the Marketing/Sales team in exploring new sales channels that generated $300K company revenue through careful, organized risk management and change management to achieve required business outcome and provide more value to our customers’ businesses.

Completed successful projects include:

  1. Direct Marketing to Agencies (Reseller Platform)
  2. Local Agency Marketing
  3. PR Writing Service/PR Campaign
  4. Evergreen Webinar Funnel.
  • Organizational Effectiveness. Led corporate initiatives and detail oriented process improvement strategies that increased work efficiency and productivity by 65%.

Companywide initiatives include:

  1. Implementation of a result oriented entrepreneurial operating system that enhanced business strategies through simple but efficient policies and business process creation.  
  2. JV CRM & JV Recruitment Process Improvements that are strategically implemented to efficiently manage JV recruitment.
  3. Development and implementation of KPIs that are targeted to increase productivity geared towards a more profitable organization.
  • Financial Management. Managed budgeting and forecasting of Product Development projects that increased company savings by 56% through detail and results oriented planning, research and leadership.

Product Development Projects include:

  1. Increasing Release Republishing Distribution
  2. Video News Releases
  3. PressRelease Template Tool Improvements
  4. 4. Improvement of Customer Software Training and Onboarding
Dec 2013May 2015

Digital Marketing - Senior Project Manager

Jumpfactor Professional Services Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Guru - Developed and enhanced quicker and more robust SEO marketing strategies that showed improved results and ROI. Boosted client's revenue by up to 740% increase in lead generation and 2940% increase in organic search traffic.

Results driven and self-starter responsible for implementing (SEO), (PPC), managing social media/community engagement, content marketing and conversion rate optimization and all other digital media marketing projects that are aimed to help SMB clients to increase their online presence and market shares.

  • Marketing Operations Specialist - Implemented several company workflow/processes to improve efficiency in service delivery that increased client satisfaction rating (150%) and converted 65% of existing agency clients to one or more of the new services.

In charge with building a strong motivated digital team with unsurpassed work ethic to efficiently execute marketing projects for our clients through superb time management.

  • Project Management Professional – Managed multiple projects and annual project billings of up to $1.6M.

Organized project manager equipped with technical knowledge on the latest trends, tools and leadership required for a successful completion. Established new planning and execution systems that increased work efficiency and project management.

Jan 2013Dec 2013

Customer Service Manager

Versata Group
  • Team Leadership and Development - Managed an overwhelming incremental increase in CSAT rating of 200% within two months (exceeding the program stretch goal of 90%) AND Employee Satisfaction Rating.
  • Companywide Initiatives - Introduced new concepts and strategies to the management by structuring and executing companywide programs like Incentive Programs, Product Support Improvement Plan and Coaching Process.
Sep 2010Jan 2013

Digital Marketing/Advanced Admin Assistant

Various Clients - eBay and Amazon Seller | Business Coaches | Real Estate Coaches | Accounting Firm
  • Advanced Admin Assistant - Assisted in achieving 125% increase in e-commerce sales.

Focused on helping SMB clients to become more profitable by providing admin support on book launches, webinar events, e-commerce sales monitoring, customer service (phone, mail and chat support).

  • Marketing Partner – Increased organic traffic for client content by up to 300% in one month.

Expert in managing market research, SEO/SEM, marketing database, email marketing, content building, social media and/or display advertising campaigns.

Jan 2005Jul 2010

Team and Line Manager/Project Manager

AT&T, T-Mobile US and UK
  • Team Management and Leadership Development

    • Managed and developed customer service teams of up to 100FTE per batch. Coached and mentored CSRs for improved customer service and career development.
    • 100% consistency in improving service delivery by analyzing, evaluating, and re-designing processes; establishing and communicating team KPIs & service metrics.
    • Revised the program's universal template on coaching sessions which improved communication skills and increased CSAT of up to 80%.
    • Project Management and Human Resource Management

      • Project Manager for all metric and incentive programs like Wacky Wednesdays, Magnificent Seven, and Power Hour.  Single-handedly engineered ABAY (Academy Bay) for improving CSR skills and competencies.
      • Lead and pioneered a new line of businesses and followed through with training of consecutive batches of agents and Team Leads.
      • Authored several processes, job aids and procedures for the program.
      • Managed remote/provincial HR/Recruitment operations (aptitude testing and final interviews) to provide more qualified FTE to programs and projects.

    Authored Process Documentations

    Daily Performance Update – this is a typical daily team meeting presentation to update the team on metrics and updates. The team meeting also includes a quick discussion of best practices to improve customer experience and satisfaction and/or recognizing anyone in the team who did a good job to inspire the team to mirror that best practice. This allowed the agents to focus ticket resolution on customer experience and an increased CSAT of up to 200%.

    Product Support Improvement Plan [PSIP] – this is an example of a process documentation that attempts to uncover and resolve any issues that affects any drop in customer satisfaction and eventually pull up the numbers for the entire program/account. This process improvement workflow successfully contributed to an increase in CSAT by 100%.

    Employee Recognition and Success in Coaching – these two were presentations made for the executive team and the CEO. Both of these resulted to an increased employee satisfaction survey of up to 200%, which meant that the agents/employees became more productive and more engaged after these two were implemented.

    Employee Recognition is to initiate a process for a non-monetary recognition for employees in an attempt to resolve employee demotivation and engagement issues.

    Success in Coaching is to implement a coaching process for Operations including CSM [Team Managers] and ECSM [Operations Managers] and includes developing a coaching template to document the coaching sessions with action plans and progress monitoring.

    Customer Onboarding Process - this document provides a guideline to an efficient onboarding process that is necessary for delivering outstanding customer experience for new clients. This document includes the 100 day process guidelines for Project Managers designed to turning customers to lifers. This document resulted to increased client satisfaction rating and customer retention.

    VSEO Process Document - this document outlines the processes for project managers in  optimizing the YouTube channels and videos of clients. This document resulted to top rankings in YouTube and Google SERP (videos).

    Interview Process - this is a process to provide guidelines on staffing and hiring of level 1 agents. This includes the development of written and verbal interview, a series of skill tests and a training process for successful hires. This process resulted to hiring more competent agents that exceeded CSAT ratings of up to 150% for a new line of business.

    Follow-up for Information Required Process – this is a process documentation on how an agent should perform a follow up to move support tickets further to completion or resolution of any issues. This solved the challenge of Operations to involve the clients more in the resolution by providing necessary information needed to resolve the cases/issues submitted to Support.

    Ticket Handling Processes and Updates – this is a presentation to explain the process on handling and resolving a support ticket for a new product/program. The support team was a mix of seasoned agents from other accounts and a few newbie. The process includes level 1 ticket handling and escalation process to level 2 and other support teams. This process resulted to clarity on agent’s inefficiency and a speedier ticket handling.

    Technical Reliability

    • Owns a desktop computer and a laptop that are used solely for work. 
    • Both fully capable. Intel Core i3, RAM 4GB (64-bit), OS: Windows 10
    • Both computers are equipped with a paid license: AVG Internet Security Business Edition
    • Maintains 2 reliable wired DSL/Broadband and a separate wireless broadband for remote work. 
    • Retains 2 other USB sticks/dongles as additional backups. 
    • Secured Files: All work files are cloud backed up.


    Jun 1997Mar 2001

    Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration

    PMI Colleges, Manila

    The Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration (BSCA) is a four-year college business degree in the Philippines for individuals who wish to pursue a career in import and export, customs brokerage or in the field of transportation and supply chain management.