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Anshika Grover



As I submit my resume for the role of the ANZ Marketing Manager at Air Bnb I am amazed by the coincidence of meeting Douglas Atkin at the Unilever head office in London yesterday. His presentation on the “power of community” and building “brands with purpose” resonated strongly with me. This is essentially the foundation of Unilever brands that I have passionately nurtured over the years.


As you will see from the attached resume, I have built my career working for Unilever in NZ, Australia and am currently based in the Global team at the headoffice in London, UK. Over the last 11years at Unilever I can say that I have throughly enjoyed  the ride where no two work days are exactly the same. I am now at a point where I would like to return back to Sydney and this has given me the opportunity to look outside of the Unilever family. My journey with Unilever has shaped me into the marketer I am today working across over 15 different brands and more recently across 25 markets over the last 2 years. I have alluded to the top 6 reasons why I think I would be a great candidate for your consideration in my resume to showcase the skills I have picked up along my marketing career.


A marketer’s greatest achievement is an engaged consumer because an engaged consumer keeps coming back. I believe that campaigns that can create a real human connection in an authentic and relevant way will drive talkability amongst their peer groups. We all know how to build these human connections in our day to day lives with people we meet and our marketing strategy should be no different than to adhere to these basic principles.


Working with the Unilever Foundry where we partner with startup’s ready to scale up I have had the opportunity to mentor several businesses and have discovered an appetite to play a more active role in the “sharing economy” that businesses like Air Bnb are essentially leading.


In closing, I am thrilled at the possibility of becoming a part of your team and look forward to adding value to the ANZ business. I want to be a part of this movement!

Kind Regards

Anshika Grover