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Hight school iben rachik kairouan-Tunisia

Baccalaureate in sport filed


National License in  Sport and physical éducation

High universty of sport and physical education-Tunisia 

Higher diploma in Sport and physical éducation 


The certificate of instructor in bodybuilding and  fitness

International fédération of fitness and bodybuilding (I.F.B.B)
  • International Certificate of personal trainer in fitness  exercices and  sport nutrition planing   

Work experience

Jul 2011May 2016

Personal Trainer/gym manager

Power health sport center

- Working with clients one to one and help them to achive their fitness goals -Develop and organize a spécial workout programmes to clients for: bluid muscles-lose weight-improve endurance capacity
-Designing a spécial nutrition programmes for each client according his goal and body structure
-Supplement guide
-Welcoming for new gym members and gives them a général tips and instructions

Aug 2012May 2015

Teacher of Physical

Private secondary school of Kairouan

-  Responsible of the safly of all class students
- Teach a lessons of sport and physical éducation
- Testing students every three months with a physical test in physical éducation


  • Flexible and hard worker
  • Ability to develop new and spécial exercices for each client dpend according his goal and body structure.
  • Physical fit and strong
  • Large knowlage in nutrition and supplments
  • Basic knowlage of first-aid
  • Ability to work under stress and pressure
  • Leader team
  • Quick adaptation with new role and environment


my name's Yassine,im tunisien,i'have 26 years old,i live in a city in middele of Tunisia named KAIROUAN.

- personal trainer of fitness certified from international fédération of fitness and bodybuilding (IFBB).
- teacher of sport and physical education in private school.
-I'have experience over 5 years in sports training and I have many certificates of experience and formation in different sports activities.
- ability to combine with my éducation and skills and experiance
-Im proffesional and can work under stress and presure .
- Large knowlage in Fitness and sport nutrition.
- Basic First aid knowlages
- Physical fit and strong

I want to say that my passion to this job drive me to delivers hight quality of job every day.


I.F.B.B certificates of instructor in Fitness and bodybuilding


Baccalaureate and experience certificates