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Secondary school

El-orman school

I am a student in the German university in Cairo. I study the field of Mechatronics engineering. My rank is eleventh. I took part in Min-sweepers international competition and achieved the fourth place. another competition IEEE made it in our university  I achieved the first place. I made two internships one of them in Ideal stander factory and the other one in Bedaya company. I worked in the robotics lab in my university. 


social activities

I was a member in the team of public relations in the Model of Islamic Coordination and i was a member in the academic department in Big Buddy and then i was Head of academics committee and head of the fund raising team and right now i am the Vise president in Big Buddy and part of Maq team in the shooting club.

Soft skills Trainings 

Active Learning, communication skills, Fund Raising tools, Presentation skills, emotional intelligence, time management and Leadership 


I am highly interested in  reading specially reading in history in addition i love cycling and swimming.