Yasser  ali mohammd           Al Ghamdi


يونيو 2013


Baha University

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

خبرة في العمل

خبرة في العمل
يناير 2014 - ابريل 2015

Head of the Department

Al-Rajhi Charity Foundation

Administrative Supervisor

Study Projects Propose the amount of support Supervisor of Information Technology

2013 - حاضر

Teaching contractor Baha University

Baha University
Computer teaching students Train students in computer programs Students practical training on the computer

training courses

ديسمبر 2014 - ديسمبر 2014

Time and Self and Stress Management

Taweel Center for Consulting and Training

نوفمبر 2014 - نوفمبر 2014

Quality assurance

Taweel Center for Consulting and Training

اغسطس 2014 - اغسطس 2014

Providing an effective working environment

Taweel Center for Consulting and Training

ابريل 2014 - ابريل 2014

The training program for researchers Ybalaml charity

Department of Education in Asir

مايو 2011 - مايو 2011

Successful axes

King Abdul Aziz Center for National Dialogue

ابريل 2008 - ابريل 2008

The training program of student activities

Ministry of social affairs

نوفمبر 2005 - مايو 2006

Diploma in Computer

The Room Commercial Industrial