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About Yasmin Mitri

Yasmin Mitri is an accomplished actress who has appeared in numerous international film and television productions. In 2014, she appeared in three feature films directed by Paul Tanter: “Essex Boys Retribution,” “He Who Dares 2,” and “The Rise of the Krays.” In 2013, Yasmin Mitri was cast in the Spanish-language soap opera “Salve Jorge,” and she also appeared in “Invisible,” a feature film in which she played a villainous madam and kickboxing enthusiast. The daughter of a well-known Lebanese physician, Ms. Mitri began modeling professionally in her mid-teens, which also allowed her to take courses in acting. She attended film school in Brazil and completed her studies in Paris, subsequently moving to London to pursue an interest in musical theater. Ms. Mitri’s first major feature-film role was in “Pimp,” a 2010 movie starring Danny Dyer and Robert Cabanah. She also appeared in “The Sweet Shop” alongside actor Matthew Lewis of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” In her free time, Yasmin Mitri enjoys reading books by authors such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Oscar Wilde.