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I am a passionate Software Engineer that takes pride in producing high quality code. I am currently looking for exciting new opportunities as a graduate backend engineer in the summer of 2018. I enjoy my work, and my goal is to find a position where I am presented with new challenges to overcome daily.


Languages Java, Python, Javascript, C++, Haskell, HTML, CSS
Frameworks NodeJS, Spring, ExpressJS, Python Flask, Haskell Servant, Bootstrap
Databases MySQL, Oracle SQL, MongoDB, Redis
Build Tools

Maven, Gradle

I am also proficient using SVN, Git, all major operating systems (including linux), comfortable working using only the command line, and basic bash scripting.

Relevant Experience

Jan 2017Aug 2017

Software Engineering Intern


Worked in Enterprise Security Solution's Fraud Products Group. Worked alone to perform a platform migration and as part of a team to create a fraud scoring web service to support  theThree Domain Secure Version 2.0 protocol. I also competed in 2 internal hackathons, placing in second and third place.

Languages Java, Javascript, Python, XML, SQL, Bash
Frameworks Android, Spring, SpringBoot
Tools Apache Tomcat, Redhat JBoss, Maven, Gradle, Git, SVN, Postman
Jun 2016Sep 2016

Software Engineering Intern


Worked as part of the engineering team to develop a number of internal development tools and created a HTML parser currently used in production servers. 

Languages Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS
Tools Redis, Docker, Bitbucker, Bash, Selenium, Sinon, Chai
Frameworks NodeJS, Flask, Chrome Extensions, Mocha
Jan 2016May 2016

Software Engineer


Created an Android Application plugin for use with the open source Aware Framework created by researchers in the University of Oulu. I worked as the lead architect for this college project. Developed using agile methodologies, the project was awarded a first class honours.

Languages Java, XML, PHP, SQL
Tools Android Studio, MySql Workbench
Frameworks Aware, Android
Dec 2015Present

Software Engineer


This is my own open source project, developed to send mass webtexts using Three Ireland's webtext service. The Server and Client side code is maintained by myself, and a working implementation for Three Ireland is already available.

Languages Python, Javascript, MySql       
Tools Tesseract OCR, Tkinter
Jun 2015Sep 2015

IT Administrator

Arizun Financial Services Europe

Worked as part of a small team to develop Arizun's main SRS documents for internal management systems and develop the company's website. While working here I completed the design of two management systems and digitized a number of forms to be completed by clients.

Languages Javascript, HTML, CSS, UML
Tools Photoshop, Microsoft Office,


Sep 2017Jun 2018

MCS Computer Science

Trinity College Dublin

Expected Graduation June 2018

Sep 2013Aug 2017

BA Computer Science

Trinity College Dublin

Awarded a First Class Honours (1:1).


Coder Dojo

I spent 6 months in 2017 teaching an advanced coder dojo class, an experience I found to be immensely rewarding as it gave me the opportunity to share my passion of coding with children interested in learning to code.


In the past, I've helped organize and run a number of fundraising events for a variety of causes including Barretstown, Temple Street Children's Hospital, an effort to build an orphanage in Palestine, and an effort to build a well near a school in Kenya. In addition to these, I've also volunteered for non-charitable causes too, the most notable of which is that I am a mentor to First Year Computer Science Students in Trinity. The role of mentor is something I am particularly proud of, as I am in a position to help new students fully integrate into University, as well as share my passion for computer science with them.


References are available on request.