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I am an enthusiastic, hands-on IT professional with more than 6 years’ experience in support (2nd and 3rd line). I have a proven track record of managing and maintaining servers and desktops in LAN/WAN network infrastructures, and adopt a meticulous approach to ensure the smooth-running of business operations. Qualified to industry standards, I enjoy closely following the latest changes in technology and apply this to my duties wherever relevant.

Work experience

Genetech Solutions

Sr.IT Administrator

  • Configured, administered, upgraded and maintained Servers
  • Set-up and configured patch panels, switches and routers.
  • Configured, troubleshoot, and resolved RAID issues on all [company name] servers
  • Troubleshooting unique and mission critical issues.
  • Resolve network issues as and when required
  • .Replaced hardware on [company name] production servers.
  • Windows Server Administration (Windows 2000, 2003 & 2008, 2012, 2016 
  • VMWare Administration, Hyper-V , Exsi , Virtual Box Headless in Linux Ubuntu
  • Performs day-to-day maintenance and installation of server, network equipment, virtual machines, messaging, backups and storage via Veeam & Macrium Reflect
  • Server Administration Windows Linux ,Ubuntu ,CentOs
  • Installed, configured, and updated Linux machines, with Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS.
  • Developed and implemented back-end database structure (PHP, My SQL under Linux).
  • Performed admin duties for Linux server (Ubuntu).
  • Created shell scripts and cron jobs that monitored and reported security issues.
  • Resolved security vulnerabilities by analyzing and recommending improvements in communications and network security at the component level
  • Configured and maintained all web servers
  • Served as communication conduit between programmers and network operations central staff
  • Provided Web Server Support Apache IIS.
  • Create a network share via Samba using the CLI 
  • Installed and configured LDAP servers to authenticate  Linux,  environments.
  • Installed & configured Pfsense Firewall.
  • Installed & Configured UniFi AP 
  • Active Directory Administration
  • Server hardware planning & implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Support LANs, WANs, network segments, Internet, and intranet systems.
  • Maintain system efficiency.
  • Planned, implemented, and maintained a Windows domain based infrastructure
  • Developed software used by employees to complete day to day tasks, reducing the time for completion from over 1 hour to under 10 minutes.
  • Trained new employees on software and company procedures.
  • Worked with employees to resolve "unsolvable" support requests.
  • Eliminated costly hardware purchases.
  • Administrator of Webex and scheduling of Webex meetings
  • Designed and implemented security policies for file servers, backup servers and system workstations
  • Configured systems for multipurpose development, configuration management and testing environments.
  • Ensure design of system allows all components to work properly together.
  • Troubleshoot problems reported by users.
  • Managed user accounts, hardware updates and file server maintenance.
  • Make recommendations for future upgrades.
  • Maintain network and system security.
  • Installed of latest versions of Operating Systems on demand, per requirements of the client
  • Sorted complex issues pertaining to hardware and network failure – Monitored both Hardware and Software systems for errors and updated them regularly to maintain proper functioning and flow of information.
  • Performed security monitoring tests to identify intrusions. Clients Server Backups & Maintenance.
  • Analyze and isolate issues.
  • Monitor networks to ensure security and availability to specific users.
  • Evaluate and modify system's performance.
  • Identify user needs
  • Administrated and managed email on all mobile devices (iPhone, Android)
  • .Insured records were being kept and maintained on all equipments.
  • Maintain integrity of the network, server deployment, and security.
  • Ensure network connectivity throughout a company's LAN/WAN infrastructure is on par with technical considerations.
  • Design and deploy networks.
  • Perform network address assignment.
  • Assign routing protocols and routing table configuration.*Assign configuration of authentication and authorization of directory services.
  • Maintain network facilities in individual machines, such as drivers and settings of personal computers as well as printers.
  • CCTV SURVEILLANCE:  DVR installation recording online watch network operate backups wiring installations problem and solutions.
  • PABX INTERCOM Panasonic exchange intercom programming extensions call conference, calling blocking, call forwarding, restrictions, call time limitations door unlocking, ogm recording and many more,
  • Maintain network servers such as file servers, VPN gateways, intrusion detection systems.
  • Administer servers, desktop computers, printers, routers, switches,
  • firewalls, phones, personal digital assistants, smartphones, software deployment, security updates and patches.
  • Strong Relationship with  ISP Vendors &  Servers & Hardware Suppliers / Dealers.
  • All Others Administrative Infrastructure Items handled
TCS Private Limited 

In charge Data Processing 

  • 1st level Provides IT Support to all area users.
  • Highlight the system problems and possible solution.
  • Hardware Maintenance & Backups System
  • Prepare and update the IT inventory.
  • Preparing and generating area Couriers Monthly basis incentive through database.
  • Follow up of Bio Metric attendance polling machine.
  • Working on Delivery sheets and Accounting copies QC.
  • Work Completions as per given task time of company SOP.
  • Working on SQL Plus & SQL Developer through quires.
  • Handling Day & Night shift
  • Prepare staff salaries and follow up with area admin.
  • Working on M Daemon Mailing Server.
  • Data Communication (Country Wide)
  • Follow-up with I.T. regarding requirements & problems of DP Centers.
  • Consolidate all DP centers, requirements & problems related to Information Technology.
  • Look after all DP network data communication.


Govt National College


Karachi Scholars School