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Istanbul School of Foreign Languages


PHD Doctorate


Work experience

IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference WCNC Isik University Honor Scholarship

IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference WCNC Isik University Honor Scholarship
Battleship Game”(developed with C) " External Sorting from Database Theory"(developed with Java and Matlab) 2014-" Following and control Multimedia Room in Isik University Library" 2013-" Richter Application"(about Earthquake in android platform) 2013-" Scramble Game"(developed with C) 2012-" Following Insemination Program"(developed with Java) CONFERENCES, CERTIFICATIONS Algorithm and Theory of Computation Qualification-University of Louisiana at Lafayette-2015)-Volunteer Student Worker- 2014 Student 2013


Isik University Honor Scholarship
Lots of chess medals in local tournaments Projects 2015-IP to AS(Autonomous system) matching(developed with Phyton) 2015-“ Course Selector”(developed with Java) 2015-“ Dining Philosopher Problem and Post Office problem using Multithreads”(developed with C in Nachos) 2014-“ Duck Hunting Game(Multiplayer Desktop Game developed with Java)” 2014-" User cooperation and resource allocation in energy harvesting wireless networks" funded byTUBITAK(The Scientific and Technological Research


between IPC and students, administrate of students social clubs webservers, Help to administrate of network services, Help to administrate of servers in university. Mobese A.S-Istanbul/Turkey Departmant: Research and development Job Title: Intern Introduction: Develop new methods Smart Home Technology, improve the home security systems, improving quality of biometric photography. COMPUTER SKILLS Programming: Java, C, C++, Python, MATLAB, CCS C, SQL, MIPS, VHDL Database: MySQL, SQLite, MariaDB Operating System: Windows, Linux(Ubuntu, Centos) Simulation Tools: Pspice, Proteus, Verilog HDL Web Design: JSP, JSF, HTML, Joomla, Wordpress Office Application: Ms office, Open office Development tools: Netbeans, Eclipse, PyCharm, MS Visual Studio, PIC C Compiler Mobile development: Android Specific skills: Multithreading coding, Parallel programming with MPI, Hadoop, Bash Scripting (Linux based) LANGUAGE SKILLS Turkish Reading: Native, Writing: Native, Speaking: Native English Reading: 9/10, Writing: 8/10, Speaking: 7/10 German Reading: 2/10, Writing: 2/10, Speaking: 2/10 SCHOLARSHIPS, AWARDS

Student Assistant

Isik University
Istanbul/Turkey Departmant: Information Process Center(IPC) Job Title: Student assistant Introduction

Student Assistant

Isik University Isik University Honor Scholarship
Istanbul/Turkey Departmant: Library/Electronic resource and Technical Services Job Title: Student assistant Introduction: Give a computer based solution to library personals. Create new programs for making easy their jobs. Administrate of library servers. Organize library sources with using Millennium library program.

Graduate Assistant

Center of Advanced Computer Studies
University of Louisiana at Lafayette Louisiana/US Departmant: Job Title: Graduate Assistant Introduction: I am a Graduate Assistant and currently I am working university Computing Support Services. THY Technic-Istanbul/Turkey Departmant: Information Technology


autonomous systems
dining philosophers
Wireless Networks