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Yash Bagga

Manager/Specialist-Power, Infra & Utilitites

Work experience

Oct 2012Present

Manager-Power, Admin and Utilities

  • Presently supporting and travelling ( as required) to 17 countries across Africa with back up support to Bangladesh, Vietnam and Myanmar.

    Diverse project delivery solutions to different customers. This involves analysis, planning, designing and support to field for testing & commissioning pertaining to core including Data Centers/MSC/BSC etc. while maintaining the quality of deliveries. 
  • Daily Dealings with both Managed/ non M. Services based utility partners across 21 countries. Involves various domains. 
  • Trainings: Impart the team/strategic counterparts with trainings, documentations pertaining to power hard wares. To guide the teams of maintenance procedures and criteria’s.
  • Add on sales: To check for probable projects in the ongoing setup and to look for new opportunities with various countries as and when in coordination with various customer account managers (Customer & Country Specific).
  • Dealing with third party product suppliers and to coordinate for their support to the country specific teams. (These include DC Power Systems, UPS Systems, Inverter solutions, Cabling Systems, LT Panel, Circuit breaker Solutions, Air Conditioning, Free Cooling Systems, Transformers, Lightening Solutions, Shelters/ Containers, Servo, and diesel as well as gasoline power generators sets which are a integral part of Energy & utilities management profile.) 
  • Audits (Practically as well as remotely)with regard to installed power equipment.. This also involved the devising of easy to understand excel based data collection sheets which help the team to collect information about the installed equipment.
  • Equipment ordering on the basis of the site requirements through tools such as ECP, Verdi etc.
  • Customer /governance meetings on weekly/monthly basis as required. i. Renewable energy based projects: Tailor made solutions as required at customers end.
  • Day to day operations support and set up of Data centers, NOC, zonal offices and customer care center as required.

Presently supporting and travelling ( as required) to 17 countries across Africa with back up support to Bangladesh, Vietnam and Myanmar.

May 2010Sep 2012

Manager -Energy Management & Alternate Energy

Indus Towers Limited
  • Energy Management: Validation of Electricity and Diesel generator data every month. Monitoring of 50 worst sites and reduction trend (as guide in annual/monthly targets). Alongside MIS generation for 7 K sites was a part of this.
  • Operator based energy reconciliation: Management of smart metering solutions their installation and data reconciliation across the state.
  • Web/Portal Compliance for OPEX and CAPEX management: Power consumption track through on line portals which involved the data feeds from electricity as well as diesel consumption mechanisms.
  • Electricity Bill Reductions& site electrifications: Reduction in average billing to reduce further liabilities and to regularize the electricity bills particularly where the 1st bill not received till date. Electrification of sites.
  • Energy based project management: Proper placement of DG sets ( 25 KVA DG sets having less than 2 tenant's).power cube, solar, fuel cells, battery health monitor, wind energy, theft proof site etc.
Apr 2009May 2010

Senior Enginner

  • Operations & Project Management **: Installation and commissioning of core (including MSC, BSC, IN etc. at regional level). The design & set up of infrastructure for running up of new core setup along with operations & maintenance of such set ups. Coordination of various activities related to roll out and integration of sites. Performance of electrical activities for core and data center.
  • Liaison**: Permissions from statutory bodies (Environment and electrical) for running up of network set up's.
  • MIS Generation**: Generation of monthly, bimonthly and weekly reports/MIS in excel/word/power point format.
  • Acquisition tests**: for setup while handover of sited from project phase to infra/ operations.
  • Optical Fiber Management: Executing planned event for rectification of OFC cable and utilities with co-ordination with NOC. OFC break downs. OFC by Splicing and its testing by OTDR.
Jun 2008Apr 2009

S Engg.- Operations/ A. Manager

Wireless TT Info Services Limited
  • Operations & Project Management **
  • Liaison** 
  • MIS Generation**
  • Acquisition tests**
  • Power management*of load at different places to conserve power. Analysis of power consumption for power saving. 
  • Monthly Monitoring of network availability: Maintaining the network availability within the set bracket against 99.97 %.
Jul 2005Jun 2008


Ericsson, India
  • Operations & Project Management **: Involving 2 core locations, 12 + RBSC locations and 2000 + cell sites.
  • Liaison** 
  • MIS Generation** 
  • Power management*: OPEX & CAPEX Budgeting Management.
  • BMS Handling: Building Management System Handling
  • Design & development of new core locations considering in view the optimum requirements of power and the guidelines as are required by various customers in addition to successful installation, commissioning & operation.
  • Dealing with third party product suppliers: Handling AMC renewals, corrective & preventive management for sites.
  • Electrification: Fast track installation of electricity meters at cell sites on target basis.
  • Recruitment of technicians through HR deptt. And their salary reimbursement in addition to the clearance of TA bills.
Apr 2004Jul 2005

Engineer-O & M

TATA Indicom, India
  • Operations & Project Management **:
  • Power management*: OPEX & CAPEX Budgeting Management.
  • Liaison**
  • BMS Handling: Building Management System Handling
Feb 2003Mar 2004


International Cables Limited (Rajpura)(

Cable design and issue of Manufacturing Guidelines


Multi Projects Management


Design & Planning


Team Management


Project Planning

Project Goals

Project Deliverables

Project Schedules

Project Supporting Plans

Communications Plan

Risk Management Plan


Data Centre Build up and Operations

DC Power Dimensioning

Utility, Audits and Energy Management


HVAC/Cooling ,DG,UPS,Inverter,Batteries etc.

Equipment Ordering

Project Management

Gantt Chart

Agile Project Management tool

Planning & Program Management

Governance Meets

Business Strategy


Prioritise & set objectives.


Design & Implementation

Technology & Customer Support

Business Charters

Energy Management

Opex Management

Capex Management

Power Consumptions study across 7K + sites

Inputs , Outputs, PDCA approach



Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.)

Kurukshetra University

Electrical Engineering