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Work History

February 2019Present

Senior Software Engineer in Test


1) Use automated testing and data analytics to ensure that MATLAB Grader and its sub-components are delivering high quality service to customers.
2) Use logged data from Splunk to design scalability tests for a micro-service.
3) Maintain automated-test written in Java and Scala.

May 2018Present

Co-founder/Project Owner


1) Use Python, Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, TA-Lib, MongoDB to write the core engine code and employ Django with Postgres to develop a Restful-based API backend. 
2) Frontend developed using React, ReactStrap, Node.js and other JS technology 
3) Official alpha version of Crystal Ball released August 10, 2018. To date, we have achieved a stable 700  monthly organic users without spending any advertising dollars.
4) Actively monitor data from Google Analytics and behavior from Smartlook to understand user behavior and build features to improve user retention. 

June 2017May 2018

Software Team Lead

ELL Technologies

1) Manage a development team of 5 persons and successfully initiated and closed 2 outsourced projects.
2) Lead the team to close a large project with dollar amount close to USD$1 million.
3) Designed  and manage team of 3 developers to build a new Restful API-based cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) via a Kanban approach. LMS uses Django and React. Finished 85% of the product under 8 months. This LMS is currently being used by two  paying client organizations with more to be expected.
4) Managed a code-refactoring project for 3 legacy speech recognition products which greatly improved user experience as shown by data collected. Total time spent was only three man-months.
5) Streamlined process of deploying local network installation of older LMS using virtual machine which decrease time for installation by 80%.
6) Created a new line of offline product by creating a scalable method to install LMS and learning content into an Intel Content Access Point. Since launching on September 2017, we had shipped products to 2 customers.
7) Initiated and managed a 3 days projects to create an AWS Lambda Script to extract out customers who are about to renew from the database and send out an email to our account manager. This helped our account manager to achieve 100% renewal rate. 

Sep 2016June 2017

Senior Software Engineer

ELL Technologies

1) Work with an Agile Kanban team to produce, maintain and enhance digital learning content and an learning management system (LMS) written in Groovy and Grails.
2) Lead our  team to resolve bugs from a legacy LMS for a high-priority customer (a government organization), which helped retain the customer and resolved a crisis.
3) Provided input for architecting a new modern service-oriented (micro-service) LMS using Python, Flask, RethinkDB and AWS.
4) Refactor the next generation of SCORM digital learning content to packages 10 times smaller by making content fetched from server.
5) Mentor junior developers and manage outsourced developers. Perform code review on code submitted.
6) Participated in multiple interviews to help hire tech-related positions.

Nov 2015Sep 2016

Software Engineer

Liftiva (Startup)

1) Design system architecture of the minimum viable product to enable subscription services to resell their software through e-commerce web sites.
2) Implement the frontend admin pages using AngularJS, HTML, CSS and Javascript.
3) Use Python, Django, PostgreSQL and various open source libraries to develop RESTful backend web services used by the frontend portal.
4) Work directly under 2 serial entrepreneurs located in Round 13 Capital to brainstorm ideas and implemented them to make the product better.

Oct 2013Apr 2015

Application Support/Software Test Engineer


1) Specialized in MATLAB's Financial and Computational Finance Toolbox to help resolve customers' issue (during my time as an application support engineer).
2) Integrated MATLAB with Bloomberg Terminal within the Application Support Department to better assist customers who use the Datafeed Toolbox.
3) As a test engineer, developed and maintained integration tests and performance tests for MATLAB Online in a SCRUM environment.
4) Used Docker combined with Logstash, ElasticSeach and Kibana to gather insight from log files for performance-related investigation.
5) Performed scalability and performance testing on MATLAB Online server using Scala and Gatling.