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Work History

Sep 2016Present

Senior Software Engineer

ELL Technologies

1) Work with an Agile Kanban team to produce, maintain and enhance digital learning content and an learning management system (LMS) written in Groovy and Grails.
2) Lead our  team to resolve bugs from a legacy LMS for a high-priority customer (a government organization), which helped retain the customer and resolved a crisis.
3) Provided input for architecting a new modern service-oriented (micro-service) LMS using Python, Flask, RethinkDB and AWS.
4) Refactor the next generation of SCORM digital learning content to packages 10 times smaller by making content fetched from server.
5) Mentor junior developers and manage outsourced developers. Perform code review on code submitted.
6) Participated in multiple interviews to help hire tech-related positions.

Nov 2015Sep 2016

Software Engineer

Liftiva (Startup)

1) Design system architecture of the minimum viable product to enable subscription services to resell their software through e-commerce web sites.
2) Implement the frontend admin pages using AngularJS, HTML, CSS and Javascript.
3) Use Python, Django, PostgreSQL and various open source libraries to develop RESTful backend web services used by the frontend portal.
4) Work directly under 2 serial entrepreneurs located in Round 13 Capital to brainstorm ideas and implemented them to make the product better.

Apr 2015Oct 2015


Resohub & Build-2-Master

1) Designed and implemented a meta search engine for Resohub using Java and Play Framework which contains a proprietary search algorithm that returns software development information.
2) Wrote unit tests to ensure proper functionality of the search engine
3) Startups were ultimately enrolled into University of Toronto's Techno (Pre-Accelerator) Program.

Oct 2014Apr 2015

Application Support/Software Test Engineer


1) Developed and maintained unit tests, feature tests, integration tests and performance tests for MATLAB Online.
2) Gathered performance data of MATLAB Online using Groovy from server application. Then, data were sent to Graphite.
3) Used Docker combined with Logstash, ElasticSeach and Kibana to gather insight from log files for performance-related investigation.
4) Integrated Maven and Gatling to create an internal test framework to different performance metrics and scalability issues. Pushed this test framework onto Team City so that every team member can run it. Results of the test are stored in AWS S3.