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MS Visio and Project
Microsoft Office
Word, Excel, Outlook,Powerpoint, Access
Project Management
AutoCAD 2000-2012, Autodesk Architectural 2004-2012, Inventor 2004, Revit 2009, Solid Work

Work experience

Nov 2012Apr 2013

PROJECT COORDINATOR - Used Vehicle Sales Department

Ryder Systems, Inc.

·Kept track of any changes, progress and issues related to titles requested by the Used Vehicles Sales (UVS) representative.

·Liaison between Used Vehicles Sales (UVS) representative and staff on title been requested for endorsement.

·Trained co-worked on new Ryder Vehicle Sales (SAMS) database systems.

·Assigned tasks to each member of the title department to search, made copies, faxed, entered data in the Ryder Vehicle Sales (SAMS) systems, and mailed requested titles to the corresponded Used Vehicles Sales (UVS) representative.

·Collected information such as vehicle title, sales contracts, endorsement from other department and entered into Ryder Vehicle Sales (SAMS) database.

·Created weekly reports for management on status of titles missing and duplicated by the license administrative.

·Created and implemented spreadsheet templates to track titles status requested, duplicated, and sent out to Used Vehicles Sales (UVS).

·Utilized effective communication skills such as written and verbal across functional matrix.

Nov 2011Nov 2012


Ryder System, Inc.

·Managed communication between project manager, customers, and vendors.

·Met with director and managers to collaborate, identify and solve space planning problems throughout headquarter building; met internal customers’ demands in to their satisfaction and corporative events.

·Collected information and developed minutes for project meetings.

·Periodically performed inventory and order new material for projects.

·Developed conceptual space planning for headquarters building and other building within the United States accordance to customer’s request and position related.

·Inspected and designed space accordance to Florida Building Code, A.D.D.A. Standards and National Electrical Code regulations.

·Utilized effective communication skills such as written and verbal across functional matrix to update project participants about project status.

·Developed and updated reports such as define activity and scheduled milestone meeting.

·Developed budget, lists of materials to purchase, and expense reports for the project.

·Implemented a design library of furniture using AutoCAD 2012 by adding attributes and other information to be an easy accessed for space planning, ordering, and manage inventory.

·Implemented standard and guidelines in AutoCAD 2012 and spreadsheet for space planning, presentation, and ordering.

·Administrative tasks such as keeping updated and stored project files (hard copy and electronic copy), developed spreadsheets templates and presentations for project manager, and followed up with project participant by both email and phone.

Jul 2006Jan 2011


Axiom Engineering, Inc

·Managed communications between project manager, customers, and general contractor.

·Collected information and developed agenda and minutes for project meetings.

·Met with project engineer and customer to collaborate and identify the design for construction plan.

·Met with project engineer and developed procedures, requirements, milestone, and identified possible risks.

·Contributed collecting requirements and defining scope for design project.

·Developed and monitored schedule to identify activity, milestone to review, and met with customer for approvals.

·Visited site with the engineering team, collected information about the property and customer needs.

·Collected and managed project documentation to be distributed and stored.

·Maintained accurate documentation to reflect current status of the project, including changes and revisions.

·Managed multiple, large and complex design drawing projects to provide feedback on critical procedures and maintain quality control.

·Utilized effective bilingual communication skills such as written and verbal across projectized matrix.

·Collected lessons learned in each project and stored them in electronic read only copy.  

·Developed and managed office petty cash account.

·Implemented quality control by 90% by developing a design library of AutoCAD Details with the latest Florida Building Code.

·Knowledgeable on ADDA, Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical calculation, and implementation of drawings accordance to Florida Building Code. 

Feb 2003Jul 2006

SIMS Coordinator

Walgreen's Pharmacy

·SIMS stands for Strategic Inventory Management System Coordinator.

·Monitored the accuracy of warehouse and vendor ordering process as the orders are created, reviewed, and received, including training of other employees.

·Maintained the accuracy of on-hand quantities for all basic items.

·Ensured that Inter store, Vendor, Return Center, and Warehouse claims have been reviewed and posted.

·Reviewed periodic counts for accuracy prior to posting, made adjustments to the general ledger and seasonal inventory adjustments after each seasonal event.

·Reviewed current reports and adjusted on-hands as needed, including, but not limited to the following reports: Basic Items Sold with Zero On-Hands, On-Hands Greater than 999, Plano Link, Receiving Comments, Insufficient Stock Notice, Scan Outs and Ads.

·Verified that warehouse ship lists and vendor receipts have been reviewed and posted. Verified on-hand accuracy of items in ad bulletins, JIT groups, and group sheets. Maintained system generated price maintenance. Maintained sufficient inventory levels by consistently tracking items using "scan-outs" to ensure accurate count.

·Reinforced policies by adding security tags to higher priced items reducing shrinkage. Made adjustments to on-hands and created claims for warehouse miss-picks.

·Implemented a system that allowed the store to be 85% in stock at all times by assigning specific team members to research each department in the store for out of stocks and why those item were out of stock.


Sep 2013Dec 2013

Executive Project Management Certification

Florida Atlantic University



Kitchen Renovation –

 In class, develop a small project that can develop project management documentation accordance to the PMBOK Guide fifth edition. Develop project charter by analyzing project purposed, and document project statement of work, business need, high level project requirement, and agreement. Develop writing project scope management plan that includes how the project scope and requirement is going to be managed, analyzed, and documented. Collect requirement to develop and analyzed how the project requirement meet the project needs and develop a traceability matrix that link the product requirement from the original deliverable. Define scope by having a product description; define major deliverable, assumption, constraint, and exclusions. Create WBS that represent the entire product and project work; this is broken down into work packages and have WBS dictionary that provided a detailed deliverable. By utilizing MS Project, develop activities and sequence activities for each work package and estimating resources and duration for each task. Develop estimating cost for each task and putting buffer to determine cost. In cost, learn how to do Earn Value, S-curve, Planned Value, Actual Cost, Budget at Completion, CPI and SPI.

Apr 2009Jun 2011

Bachelor of Science

DeVry University
  • GPA: 3.95    (Summa Cum Laude)
  • Dean List Spring 2009, 2010, 2011, Summer 2009 & 2010, Fall 2009 & 2010
  • Sigma Beta Delta


Managerial Accounting, Advanced Project Management, Essential of Accounting, Project Risk Management, Total Quality Management, Operations Strategy, Computer Application for Business with Lab, Principles of Management, Advanced Cost Management, Data Analysis Spreadsheet with lab, Public Speaking, Business Systems Analysis, Contracts and Procurement, H.R. and Communication in Project Management, Project Management.


DeVry University Project Management Student Organization Club - (DPM)

Served as Junior and Project Managers from 2009 -2011 academic years and led over 8 projects. Organized and collected information on specials events such as seminars and team building activities. Coordinated and monitored event activities to ensure satisfaction of participants, and resolution of any problems that arise. Executing, monitor and control events at a chosen location and be a liaison between students and faculties when event is executing. Evaluated and selected provider of services according to DPM needs. Planned and developed agenda and services according to DPM requirements. Created and designed flyers for specials DPM events.



El Aguacatal Restaurant, Inc.

Miami Lakes, FL - Mar. 2011 – Jun. 2011

Manage a team on fifteen students from different business management background. Work closely with customers and project stakeholders on collect requirement and develop requirement list with project team. Perform administrative task such as developing project document, issue log, project charter, SOW, created scope, WBS, SWOT Analysis, marketing and business plans, Gantt charts, critical path methods, and managed the team with emphasis in the PMBOK’s guide of project management. Work with team on structuring and implementation of the business internal financial controls (e.g. break-even analysis, cost controls, inventory control, profit, and loss statement). Monitored project activities and advised project team of issue due to resource availability.

  • Increase restaurant sales 80% by restructuring business practice, menu, training, and marketing.
  • Established financial control software, social media, and trained the owner.
  • Established a benchmark for all the DeVry Senior Projects.


DeVry University

Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Aug. 2010 – Oct. 2010

Work with a team of five student on develop and operate a Total Quality Management Plan and six sigma techniques by define, measure, analyze, improve and control (DMAIC) into the student central model to provide superior level of excellence of services for the next class to implement as pilot. Research and analyze data for developing a new model with Student Success Coach Position.

  • February 2011 the new Student Success Coach position was implemented permanently in DeVry University Central to help student to achieve its goals and for student to continue they education.
Jun 2004Dec 2006

Associate of Science

ITT Technical Institute
  • GPA 3.38
  • Dean's List Fall 2004, 2006, Winter 2005, Summer 2006


Feb 2008Feb 2015

Certified Architectural Drafter

American Design Drafting Association


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Pearl Woei

Debby Rowell

She was my professor from ITT Technical Institute and Manager from Axiom Engineering, Inc.

Stanco Antoine

Manager for Planning Department

Raouf Ghattas

Michell Mole

Supervisor of title department.