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I am driven by challenges and have a passion for learning. I am a software developer by day, game development manager by night, and I bring a unique perspective to every problem and project.

My self-driven interest in the latest tools and frameworks allows me to easily spot pain points in the processes of teams I work in. I have extensive experience transitioning every aspect of a team's operations to a more optimized solution, from tech stack to communication to documentation.

I am always looking for new challenges. Software delivery isn't just something I partake in - it's a passion I live for.

Work experience

General Motors
June 2016Present

Software Developer and DevOps Engineer

  • Developed an Angular 2+ front-end application from scratch that enables internal client teams to search, filter, and update inventory from a backend NoSQL database containing all of GM North America's vehicles.
  • Optimized DevOps processes for a backend Java team, going from manual deployment and configuration to continuous integration using Jenkins, CA Release Automation, and bash scripting.
Impulse Limited
Aug 2014MAR 2016

Game Producer and Development Manager

  • Coordinated a remote team to produce a multiplayer card game within 8 months resulting in a public play event garnering game press attention just 10 months after the beginning of development.


  • Zems Online Card Game (2014+). Fantasy card game with grid-based tactical combat. Players build decks and battle each other online. Created in collaboration with an international team I assembled and managed. Powered by Unity (C#) and a custom Java-based server solution.
  • Impulse Framework (2015+). A barebones C# bootstrap framework for building scalable projects quickly and easily in Unity. Includes Zenject integration for dependency injection, factories, and object pooling support out of the box.
  • Sizzle (2017). An Angular recipe management prototype I built on the side at home to speed up learning Angular at my job. Hosted on Google App Engine with a dockerized build pipeline from Bitbucket. Interacts with a Firestore database.



Boy Scouts of America

Eagle Scout

Extensive experience in leadership, outdoor skills, and first aid.