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Work experience

Mar 2009Present

Stoacker/Sales associate

Toys R Us.

Duties: Assist customers, unload trucks, stock merchandise in store, assist customers, and maintain store and inventory.

Hours:  Part time, Days, Evenings and Weekends

Wages:  $8.10 an hour

Phone#: (816) 468-0808

Aug 2004Jan 2005



Duties: Clean and Maintain Store, Strip and wax floors,  Empty Trash, Sweep floors and operate Floor cleaning equipment.

Hours: Overnights: Full Time

Wages: $10.00 an hour

Reason For Leaving: medically related reasons

Phone#: (816) 741-1426

Mar 2004Jul 2004

Cargo Handler

Air Cargo Loadmasters

Duties: Load and Unload cargo from aircraft at KCI airport.

Hours: Overnights: Full Time

Wages:  $9.00 an hour

Reason For Leaving: Hours were being cut

Phone#: (816) 243-5510

Jan 2003Feb 2004

Stocker/ Delivery Driver

Macaluso's Liquor and Deli

Duties: Cashier and Deli, Stock and Maintain stores, Deliver goods and money drops between stores and bank. Cook and prepare deli food and items. Clean and maintain floors.

Hours:  Days and Evenings. Part Time between two stores.

Wages:  $7.00 an hour

Reason For Leaving:  offered job at higher wages and hours at Air Cargo Loadmasters

Mar 2002Jul 2002

Paint Mixer

Home Depot

Duties:  Stock and maintain store. Assist customers, Cashier, Mix and tint paints and stains, Demonstrate products, Instruct Faux decorative paint classes, color match and maintain tint mixers.

Hours:  Days and Evenings: Full Time 40+ hours a week

Wages:  $10.00 an hour

Reason For Leaving: Health and safety related concerns.

Phone# (816) 459-9950

Jul 2001Feb 2002

Cashier/ Stocker

Duties: Assist Customers, Cashier, Stock and maintain store.

Hours: Days and Evenings: Part Time

Wages:  $6.45 an hour

Reason For Leaving:  Offered higher wages and hours at Home Depot.

Aug 2000Aug 2001

Security Guard/ Sales

Poesiedon Security

Duties:  Security Guard for various events in downtown KC. Assist in running store in downtown KC and security installation sales.

Hours:  Days and Evenings: Part Time

Wages:  $7.00 an hour  for security details and assignments, 10% commission on sales

Reason For Leaving:  Business dried up and store was closed. For further details contact owner: Jerry Ramos.

Aug 2000Dec 2000


Mid- Continent Library

Duties:  Collect and sort library materials,  assist patrons with computers and finding library materials, Put materials back in their  proper place.

Hours: Days: Part Time

Wages:  $6.00 an hour

Reason For Leaving :  Hours began conflicting with school hours.

Phone#: (816) 252-0950

Jul 1998Jul 2000

Reciever, Zoner, Cashier


Duties:  Unload trucks, stock merchandise, assist customers, mix paint, sale fishing and hunting licenses, clean and maintain store, and inventory.

Hours: Evenings, Days on weekends: Full time

Wages:  $8.00 an hour

Reason For Leaving: Managers cutting costs decided to cut my pay by a dollar an hour in the name of profits.

Phone #: (816) 781-0269

Jul 1997Dec 1997


Duties: Cashier/ Drive-thru, clean and maintain store,  prepare food, clean and maintain equipment.

Hours:  Days and evenings: Part Time

Wages:  $6.00 an hour

Reason For Leaving:  Moved back to Missouri

Phone #:  (501)982-1015

Sep 1996Jul 1997


Duties: Assist cutomers, sack groceries, bring in grocery carts from parking lot, claen and maitain store.

Hours:  Evenings: Part time

Wages:  $6.00 an hour

Reason For Leaving:  Union went on strike

Phone #:  (501) 982-0151


Jul 2009Present

Associates Degree

Phoenix University

I am currently enrolled in online courses to get a degree in IT and Web Design, It is a 20 month program for the assoicate's degree and then i will be moving on to pursue a bachelors degree.

Sep 1996May 2000

High School Diploma

Winnetonka High School


Stocking/ Inventory
Sales Retail
Paint Mixing
Stripping and waxing Floors
Oil Painter
Faux Painting


          To find work and potential career in a company that offers good hours and a challenging yet productive environment. A company that is also looking use someone with years of experience, training, development and is currently pursuing further education in Information Technology as well as Web Design.  To find a career with a company that can use these skills but also needs them and finds person who is skilled at problem solving and creative useful.


My Name is Michael E. Nichols Jr.  I am a 30 year old white male living in Kansas city Mo.  I currently seeking employment in the following regions: Kansas City Mo, Liberty Mo, Gladstone Mo and North Kansas City Mo.  I am open to any and all offers of employment.  I am available to start work immediately, full time or part time and I am available for any shift on any day of the week. Contact me via home phone or email if you are interested


Painting, Art, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Computers, Web design and Graphic Design, Reading  and Research.


Matt Dickerson

Have work with Matt since 2009.

Carol Carpenter

Worked with Carol in Walmart and  at Toys R Us.