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Looking for a challenging career opportunity in the field of software engineering in a well-established organization to improve my knowledge, skills and utilize my previous work experience, academic background and interpersonal skills.

Personal information

  • Date of Birth: 21/1/1990.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Nationality: Polish, Egyptian


Jan 2016Present

Web developer


A member of development team how was replacing legacy code with one more reliable, robust, reusable if it's needed. Adding new features. Fixing bugs. On call for a week each turn. Being member of fantastic team gave me an opportunity to learn and improve my experience and adjust  my mindset of developer and thinking about business values before thinking technically.

  • Technology: Symfony2
  • Tools: Doctrine, Elasticsearch, Composer, RESTful API, vagrant, Docker, twig, Phpspec, Behat.
Nov 2013Nov 2015

Web developer


A member of development team how develop new features based on client requests, mentain, writing unit-tests to make the system more robust.


    • Responsibility: backend PHP developer
    • Technology: zendframework
    • Tools: doctrine, elasticsearch, restfulapi, composer, mustache, vagrant, jenkins, phpunit, smarty.
    • Responsibility: backend php developer
    • Technology: kohana
    • Tools: mapbox, restfulapi, composer, mustache, vagrant, jenkins, phpunit, behat.
  • Internal system for company
    • Responsiblity: backend go developer, frontend developer
    • technology: google appengine, datastore.
    • Tools: behat, bootstrap, grunt.
  • Migration system for Eton college
    • Responsibility: backend php developer
    • Technology: zendframework2
    • Tools: composer, mustache, vagrant, jenkins, phpunit.
Aug 2012Oct 2013

Web developer

@desgins Agency

I was required to work every angle on a project, from working with the client to deliver an accurate specification, building Backend functionality, communicating with clients. Developing and Administering in agency internal system.



Develop websites, web services  and customization of existing software.


    • Responsibility: development and implementation.
    • Technology: codeigniter.
    • Tools: mustache, restfulapi, composer.


  • Frameworks: symfony4, symfony2.8, codeigniter, zf2, kohana.
  • E-commerce open source: Opencart.
  • Ecosystem: composer, doctrine, twig, mustache, gruntjs, sass, smarty.
  • Test/spec driven development (TDD): behat, phpunit, phpspec.
  • Search engine: elasticsearch.
  • Web services: rest.
  • Web server installation & configuration: Apache2, nginx.
  • Continuous integration system: Jenkins.
  • Virtual development environment: Vagrant, Docker.
  • Good Knowledge: Go, vagrant, google appengine, angularjs, bootstrap.
  • Working in Agile, Scrum environment.
  • Version control systems: Git/Subversion.
  • Software Engineering models, Solving technical challenges with elegant solutions, OOP (dependency injection, design patterns), Database (Analysis & Design), SEO, Payment online, scrapping, e-commerce system, PHP security.
  • OS: Linux, Windows, IOS.


B.Sc. of Engineering, Tanta University, 2012.


  • Volunteer: EED “2007”, “2008”, “2009”.
  • Volunteer: IEEE “2007”.
  • Volunteer: stackoverflow.

Hobbies & interests

  • Swimming, Traveling, running, reading.