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A specialist in relationship counseling, Dr. Yael Respler launched her career as a psychotherapist in 1981. A graduate of Yeshiva University in New York City, she holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and is a certified hypnotherapist. Over the course of her career, Dr. Yael Respler has counseled hundreds of individuals and couples alike. Conducting marriage workshops and leading Shalom Bayis groups for women, she often provides counseling to married couples regarding their own personal intimate relationships. Additionally, Dr. Yael Respler works with families, offering counseling on parenting issues. She has produced a cassette, Creative Jewish Parenting; a video over fifteen years ago, Chutzpah is Muktzah; and a DVD called Chutzpah is Muktzah 2, which is currently available in Jewish bookstores. Dr. Respler also lectures throughout the USA, Canada, and even Switzerland, and she is particularly noted for her excellent lectures at Passover, Succos programs, and for hotel and vacation programs as well. Furthermore, she broadcasts a Sunday night radio show throughout the summer on Thunder 102.1 in the Catskills. She also publishes the weekly advice column, "Dear Dr. Yael," in the Jewish Press. Dr. Respler accepts e-mails for her column throughout the week at [email protected] When not working, Dr. Yael Respler enjoys spending time with her own family. Based in Brooklyn, New York, she also finds pleasure in traveling, reading, and swimming. 

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