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Sytems Operation and Administration
Linux administration (CentOs, redhat), Cloud Computing deployment and administration: Linode, Slicehost, Righscale Amazon Cloud services: EC2, ECB, S3, Server provisioning (imaging scripts, Yum servers, Server hardening and security (Iptables, Blacklisting, bastille, logwatch, access policy) System and services monitoring (monit, exception_notifier) Redundant, scalable, load balanced architecture: apache, mod_rails, mysql (replication), tomcat  Install, configure, maintain open source tools to support development environment: continuous integration (cruise control, hudson) bug tracking and agile-scrum project management (Redmine) revision control: Git, Github, SVN
Security, cryptography, public key infrastructure expertise.
Custom Scientific Software Development
Leverage scientific background to understand requiremetns, design and implement software to solve industry problems in a variaty of domains: Video and image processing, Statistics and Probability, Cryptography, Biology, DNA chips, Electronique Design Automation, Aerospace: Object Oriented development with C++.
Software Life Cycle
Strong expertise in implementing adaptive and sustainable software development: focus on delivering business values using TDD (rpsec) and BDD (cucumber) continuous integration to keep code base in "near-shippable" state (cruisecontrol) emphasis on team communication: on line project management tools: RedMine defect prevention (TDD, modularity) revision control environment, branching strategy: Git, SVN preferred methodologies: SCRUM deployment automation
Schema Design, Query Optimization with Mysql, PostgresSQL and Oracle Object-relational mapping: ActiveRecord and GORM/Hibernate
Complete Software Life Cycle with Grails: Specification, user stories with JUnit Test or Behavior Driven Development (TDD/TBD) with Canoo Adaptive Methodology (SCRUM) Continuous Integration: Hudson Deployment on Application server (Apache/Tomcat)
Ruby on Rails
Complete Software Life Cycle with Ruby on Rails: Test and Behavioral Driven: rspec, cucumber Performance tunning and security API development with authentication schem Ecommerce: subscription system, active_merchant, spree Back-end: Api, Rack, deamons, ETL, XML (hpricot), Front-end: Haml, Css, Javascript (JQuery, Prototype) and Ajax, Flash and Haxe Authentication: authlogic, Oauth, Facebooker, ruby-cas Social Network APIs: Facebooker, mini_fb, Deployment automation (Capistrano, chef) Production Deployment (Ingx, Apache, Passenger, EC2)

Work experience

Chief Technology Officer, co-founder LLC

Hands-on technical lead responsible for technical direction on front-end with Ruby on Rails, Ajax and back-end with multi-threaded Ruby and C++ code.

Leverage existing technology to drive fast software iteration and deliver high quality code.

Product branding and marketing on social networks with Facebook marketing campaigns for example.

Design and implement solution for software as service and fremium models with a focus on industry compliancy (PCI) and security.

Feb 2006Present


Ybsis Inc.

Ybsis Inc, is a small size software development consulting firm in the Silicon Vallley with Silicon Valley and European customers..

Ybsis provides consulting services for Ruby-on-Rails and Grails development, Agile coaching, and Test-Driven Development. The strengths I bring to the table are in setting up sustainable development cultures, structures and architectures that put my clients and their employees on the path of independent success; deliver business value from the first release on and adapt quickly to change.

Recent projects include:

  • 6 months project: Hi5 Networks: Analytics dashboards, MVC and Ajax: the dashboard heavily relies on Ajax (Jquery) to present complex data sets in a user friendly interface with several controls that trigers redraws of table grids and graphs (flot).
  • 1.5 year project: LLC: Cloud Video Processing. Hands-on lead for Rails application with a C/C++ back-end for video and image processing. Designed and implemented automatic deployment with Capistrano on Linode and Amazon AWS-EC2 (12 months). Designed and implemented recurring freemium billing layer with ActiveMerchant.
  • 12 months project:  Ruby on Rails vertical search engine: .Assist in ramping up operation from 5 developers to 15 by setting up processes and tools. Key technical contribution that lead to patented technology. Rails, EC2, RSpec, Capistrano, SCRUM, Google Map Api
  • 8 months project: Grails Lims (Laboratory Information Management System. ETL on tens of millions records generated by biological DNA chip experiments. From design to production in 8 months using an iterative development cycle with Grails. Responsible for all aspects of development, methodology, technology. Grails, Hibernate, Groovy, Oracle 11g, R Statistical Anaysis,
Apr 1997Aug 2008

Senior R&D Engineer

Aug 1998Jan 2006

Senior Technical Staff


Design and implementation of collaborative R&D portal (opensource CMS:Joomla, Drupal, Mephisto, Radiant) with focus on ROI and productivity.

Software Development guru, propose and implement best practices to enable development of very large software (>40 Millions of C/C++) with a large (>300 engineers) distributed team of R&D engineers.

Technical lead for designing and deploying a turn key online Design Environment following a SaaS and pay per use model.

Key role in defining and implementing the client/server architecture. Key player in marketing and sales campaign. Evaluation of third party technology (thin client, internet portals, VPNs, J2EE). Technical lead for partnership with Intel's Internet Compute Farm Division- functional and implementation specifications- definition of innovative business model based on micro-payment- lead development effort.

Sep 1995Sep 1997

Research Scientist

French Department of Defense

Space and Defense Engineer at ONERA (Space Agency) and DGA (Defense Agency) High performance, Parallel Computing and Applied Mathematics.



Alex Petit-Bianco

“I've known Yacin professionally for over ten years. As an Engineer, Yacin impressed me by his professionalism, his ability to creatively face technical challenges and timely delive outstanding results. As an entrepreneur, I've seen Yacin come up with great ideas backed by an impeccable understanding of business and technology and excellent executive abilities.” August 16, 2007

Katherine Neff-Poonen

“Yacin is very knowledgeable, hard-working and such a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!” August 28, 2007

Lisa Garrard

“As a consultant, Yacin developed a complete Laboratory Information Management System comprised of Oracle, Java, Grails, Hibernate, and a statistical package: Bioconductor R. This was a moderately large and complex project, with requirements streaming in until the end. Yacin brought ample skill and knowledge across a wide variety of areas. He also provided consistently good ideas to the project and was able to work with platforms and IT constraints within the company. His methods were solid and enabled our team to develop a quality solution to deploy.” January 23, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

Mounir Hahad

“Yacin is the kind of engineer who just gets things done. He has always been self directed, self sufficient and highly motivated. Yacin always kept the business objective in the bulls eye. When it was time to deliver, he delivered time and again. I enjoyed very much working with Yacin. Great character and personality.” August 18, 2007



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Passionate Agile Software Professional with entrepreneurial drive, demonstrated ability to achieve stretch goals in an innovative and fast paced environment.

Startup experience with proven ability to undertake and manage various technical and business related tasks. Comprehensive knowledge of software engineering practices with emphasis on adaptive methodologies, test driven and behavioral driven development, strong experience with full product life cycle.

Analytical and creative mind, with strong academic foundation in Mathematics, Computer Science and Parallel Computing, Physics and Biology.


Build disruptive technologies and businesses with Rails, Ajax in the Cloud.

Hands-on software development with a focus on leveraging latest technologies along with best practices.

Emphasize sustainable software development methodology to build software that delivers exceptional business value, is technically superior and can evolve to reflect business or technical changes. Methodology based on test and behavioral driven development, continuous integration, strong team cohesion and collaboration.  

References Available Upon Request

Contact information and more references available upon request.