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William H. Stewart, Ed.D.

Educator | Online Course Designer | Moodle Specialist

  • 서울 특별시 성북구 석관동 168-67 203호 | F-2-7 거주
  • 82-010-5591-1982

Work Experience

May 2019Present

Inbound Exchange Student Program Co-manager (국제입학관리팀)

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Coordinated the HUFS inbound international student exchange program for 1000+ students annually with over 600 hundred partner universities around the world. Prepared official letters of invitation and certificates of admission for sponsoring student visas, visa extensions, enrollment verification, dormitory assignments, etc. Served as the point-of-contact for exchange coordinators and answered queries/provided up-to-date information to students and partner universities from both bilateral agreements and CONASEP partner universities.  

Conducted incoming exchange student orientations each semester. Provided ongoing support and assistance to international students at HUFS for academic counseling, visa, and housing support, as well as managing a social media community for exchange students. Introduced the international programs to official visitors (e.g., Fulbright Delegations), university leaders from Japan, Mexico, Chile, U.S., and dignitaries from government bodies. Translated and interpreted English to Korean, and Spanish to Korean/English for visitors. Participated in HUFS outbound exchange student screening interviews for outbound students.  

Streamlined workflow and productivity by implementing productivity technology such as the use of text-expander software for e-mail template scripting. Integrated cloud-based informational/promotional materials, and re-designed all media to follow research-supported design principles. Created a Facebook page to represent the department and subsume the pre-existing private student group. Professionally designed three guide sites (see portfolio section) as Google Sites for dissemination to Exchange, Visiting, and International Students along with Google Analytics to track resource usage and effectiveness. Initiated the department's homepage redesign along with the development of website guidebooks for international visiting, undergraduate, Asia Exchange, and regular exchange students.

Attended international conferences (e.g., NAFSA, EAIE) and seminars to promote the university’s international programs and edited and proofread English translations of university PR materials, official documents, letters, and speeches. 

October 2018Present

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant (Remote)

Boise State University

Articles | Proofread and edited journal papers, conference proceedings, and book chapters  submitted for publication and others already under peer-review, and updated various papers with current research findings. Co-authored papers with the GA advisor and research team.

Research | Researched and synthesized literature on innovations and innovative approaches to education, and multiple stakeholder collaboration from a Community of Practice perspective with a focus on STEM fields and Computational Thinking (CT), web 2.0 technology in education, and blended learning models, and K-12 engineering design. Assisted in completing IRB packets and grant proposals for research projects.

Data Analysis | Prepared data files for analysis in SPSS 25 by importing excel sheets and creating variables,  coding, labeling, and recoding variables, and merging multiple data sets. Created various descriptive and frequency tables,  ran  various parametric tests (e.g., Independent T Tests), and created charts in Excel. Transcribed audio/video files for qualitative analysis.

Projects | Redeveloped the STEM+C project's website using an open source bootstrap 4 template and rewrote it in php to serve as a project resource during its implementation, and to serve as a portfolio piece after its 3 year duration with an overview of the project, its investigators, milestones, dynamic project  pages, validating contact form and php mailer, photo showcase,  project-related publication directory, and custom login page with a password protected site-content editor.

Courses | Prepared online courses in Moodle and Blackboard (e.g., setting assignment submission dates,  cutoffs, re-dating course schedules, preparing discussion forums) prior to the start of class, and assisted in co-teaching classes, facilitating discussions,  grading, and providing feedback to graduate students.

December 2015December 2018

Educational Technology Specialist

UCRX International Education Center, Korea

Educational Technology Admin | Designed, developed, and implemented technology integration policies  across macro, meso, and micro levels of the center's programs. Conducted orientation for new/returning students and staff, as well as quarterly Program and Instructor Evaluations. Assisted in facilitating placement tests for prospective students. Consolidated services and recovered financial assets from legacy ICT accounts. Administered the backend of our server (CentOS, Apache 4, MySQL 5.7, Php 7.1). Migrated the CMS to https. Served as the point of contact for the VPS host, domain registrars, 3rd party plugins, and billing. Served as the GAFE Suite Super Admin. Streamlined ICT operations and reduced yearly operating costs by 75% under my tenure. Managed 90 student computers with Windows  hardware/software upgrades across 4 labs. Proctored regular and final exams and supported students with assignments during lab hours.

Moodle CMS  Admin | Customized a 3rd party Moodle theme to match the  UCRX IEP IEC brand. Enrolled students in cohorts/courses, upgraded Moodle OS and plugins from major and point releases from v2.9 to 3.6.1+Maintained the database schema by adjusting values in phpMyadmin . Fixed numerous legacy installation issues stemming from v1.9 to v2.7 and modernized the installation. Designated a 'Particularly Helpful Moodler' in 2018 by Moodle HQ. Reduced the site's server footprint by 90%. Improved performance by migrating to php 7, switching to a DSO php handler, enabling Gzip compression, and  switched to SSDs on our VPS.

Online Course Designer | Designed, developed, and managed 40 course shells and internal content/resources for the IEP, IOF/ESP, and EIB programs. Programmed over 350 Quiz activities with a focus on Cloze qtype syntax expertise and building expansive and nuanced answer keys with attention to best practices in instructional design and the cognitive theory of multimedia learning. Developed asynchronous Moodle Lessons activity modules for independent study, Graded Reader exams, and elective resources. Streamlined level testing, orientation, quarterly program and instructor evaluations, and course enrollment via cohort sync.

October 2018September 2019

Adjunct Faculty

University of the People

UNIV: 1001 Online Education Strategies (volunteer online course instructor)

March 2016Present

Adjunct Faculty

Framingham State University

TESL 920 for graduate students in the M. International Education Programs. 95% Evaluation Average.

March 2015February 2018

Adjunct Faculty

Hanyang University

Educational Technology  for the Graduate TESOL Certificate Program. 95% Evaluation Average.

August 2015December 2017

Adjunct Faculty

Seoul Women's University

Inter-cultural communication/cultural awareness course in the Bahrom Morning SWELL Program.

June 2010August 2015

World Language Department & ICT Director

St. Paul Preparatory School (Seocho) Nacel Open Door

2014-2015 | ICT & Educational Technology Director, Accreditation International Accreditation Team Project Manager, Curriculum Coordinator, GAFE Super admin, Alma LMS/SIS admin, ESL Program Coordinator, WIDA MODEL assessment admin, Secondary Instructor.

2010-2014 | St. Paul Director's Award, iPad 1:1 Pilot Program Project Manager, Edmodo LMS Rollout Project Manager, World Languages Department Head, AdvancEd Accreditation Curriculum Team Lead, KORCOS Faculty Representative, Secondary Instructor.  

Credit Courses Taught: ESL I, ESL II,  Literacy through Graphic Novels, Academic English, Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, Introduction to Programming, Web Design & Development I, Web Design & Development II

October 2008May 2010

EFL Instructor

Nowon English Village

Taught  basic English to elementary school students through a joint municipal venture between the local District Office and Korea's largest private educational provider to socioeconomically disadvantaged district residents.


September 2012December 2013

M.S. | Instructional Design & Technology

Walden University

GPA: 4.0/4.0

Web Design Portfolio


Spanish Language

heritage speaker of north American Mexican Spanish.


Korean Language

한국이만귀화저격시험 합격 (KINAT) / 한국어와 한국문화시험 합격 (KLCT) / 이민자 사회통합프로그램 합격 (KIIP)

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