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Sep 2013Oct 2018

 Engineering Degree 

Obour High Institute for engineering

Faculty of Engineering, Electrical Engineering  ,communication department.

GPA: good  

Work experience



IEEE Egypt section 

my role was provide meetings and logistics and other services 


summer training

Egypt air 

 for 2 months long the training was about air crafts and radar systems ,avionics , GPS ,mechanical basics , Antenna ,batteries and  communication system   on the plane ,control , plc ,jet engine ,and a lot of friendships  that i have there. 



Techno Team in your service

Student activity have a session every week with technical subjects and a lot of fun with electronics projects gives more experience to young students,good communication with other colleagues,my role was to introduce projects and lectures to those young students 


End semester project 

IOT(internet of things )

At the end of the first semester we have a project using esp8266 ver 12 , the project enable the user to full  control of his home (rooms , kitchen ) over the internet backbone , my role in this project  was the pcb design and relays driver.    



Arabic (native), English(very well )

Software programs

MicroC , Arduino IDE, Matlab , Protues  , Autocad,Multisim ,Packet tracer, Kiel, Excel , word,Power point

programming  Skills 

Proficiency with Microcontroller ( Arduino,PIC, ARM) , C++ , HTML   ,Arm (TM4C123GX kit ),Embedded c


Mobile  package, Embedded shape the world by edx (certified), C++

advanced object oriented C++ , CCNA(certified )