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I am a hardworking person, who is kind and approachable to all those around me. I am a team player through my experience in drama and media and can lead a group to ensure we succeed at our current goal. With my college work, I ensure that each task and project I am given is done to the highest standard and ensure that by the time I have completed a task, that I have made my work unique and that I have hit the deadline.

Work experience

Jan 2015Jul 2015

Web Designer

Rock - IT! Records

I was hired as a free lance to work on a website for the new music record label - Rock.IT! Records. I created a template for the website first in Adobe Photoshop and then using my skills in Dream Weather,  linked up all the interactive elements of the website and embedded videos onto the page. For this task, i was instructed by other website creators on how a webpage should look and communicate with the audience.

Nov 2014Present

Radio Presenter/ Founder  Free Lance 

Behind the Times Show

I was the founder of the Behind The Times radio, alongside other friends I have in the industry. This show brings history to life through jokes, fun facts  and talented voice actors as historical figures. What makes this show so effective is the fact that history is being told as if it were happening in front of our eyes. This job had me discover my interest in radio broadcasting, when getting to voice a variety of  characters , as well as gaining an understanding over how sound is edited for radio.

Dec 2014Apr 2015

Factual Program - Hello Birmingham

Channel 4

My colleague and I were hired to produce a factual program for Channel 4 , the purpose of this documentary was to promote Birmingham, I was hired as a free lance to film and edit this documentary, gaining experience behind the camera, as well as vital skilled needed to play the part of the producer. This factual program was based upon the documentary i produced at college, however this time I amended my audio skills when selecting the correct microphones to film with (dynamic microphones for studio  commentaryand boom microphones when two actors are communicating with one and other.

Oct 2008Nov 2010


Robot Chicken

After seeing my stop motion test footage for my action figure motion picture, animation company Robot Chicken hired me to create the  stop motion for the action figures and dolls used in the Star Wars Robot Chicken television film. My job was to animate the movement of the figurines (arm movement/leg movement), as well as getting to experience how different visual effects  are combined to create an overall effect of a scene (i.e. lens flares for space battles).I continued to work on the later Star Wars features, this time however as a visual effects supervisor.

Jul 2005Jul 2005

 Stop motion Animation

(MD Bacca)

This was my first solo media project where re-created my favorite song's music video with Star Wars  action figures. it was a low budget project, using only Photoshop, Windows Movie Maker and a camera. This project gave me the skills to create stop motion pictures and showed how committed i was towards a project.

Dec 2004May 2005

Outbreak Movie

M.A.S.K Productions

Myself and a group colleagues from school decided that we wanted to re-invent the zombie genre, this time having them as part of our evolution. The short film aired at Sundance  Film Festival, when we received the New Comer award for Best Short Film Picture.


Sep 2005May 2006

90 Credit Media Diploma

Solihull College

I spent two years at Solihull College Blossumfield Campus, gaining skills in both the theory and practical sides of media. I managed to achieve DISTINCTIONS in the areas of Graphics (creating a television ident and a website) and in audio processing (creating a podcast, radio show, aswell as re- dubbing the film Batman Begins. For visual editing and film production i received a  DISTINCTION/MERIT (creating a factual program about Birmingham). 

May 2005Jul 2005


Cockshut Hill

I have achieved 10 GCSE qualifications, including math’s, English and Science, and am currently pursuing a Media 90 Credit Diploma and Extended Diploma at Solihull College, after achieving an A* in my media GCSE.