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Progression (09'-10')

The Artist.

Greetings!  My name is Daniela, and the visual arts are my life!

For me art has been a constant force and has given me a higher purpose.  I spend most of my free time perfecting my drawings and working on my portfolio.   

I am an honor student as well. I was taught at an early age that education is valuable.  I take my grades seriously, and aim high...I am not a native English speaker and I still excel in Advanced Placement classes! My grade point is 3.9!   

I am a diligent student, and have been invited into National Honor Society  and National Art Honor Society all four years of high school.  My Texas board scores were excellent throughout my high school years. Sophomore year, I was Commended (Exceptional) in Science, English, and Social Studies. Junior year I was Commended on all four subject areas: Science, Social Studies, English, and Math.

My oeuvre is motivated by my life experiences. I have lived a unique life that has sculpted my character.  Through art I interpret the unconditional love for my little sister; my Colombian heritage and upbringing; and portraiture. I love graphite pencil, but I have spent the last year overcoming my fear of color.

Someday, being able to work non-stop on drawings is my dream.  In fact, I have drawn for over 10 hours at a time!  A total perfectionist, I see myself as an emerging young artist with excellent hand skills and technique; I also have flashes of great inspiration, and a desire to push through to the next level.

I am hungry to become more than I am at this moment. My goal is to attend an art school someday.  I want to go to a private college where I can spend all day, every day perfecting skills and learning new things.

I am excited about higher education.  The interaction with faculty and students possessing the same passions for learning will be invaluable. 

Unfortunate Circumstances.

The Epiphany. (08'-09')

Various Pieces