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Carley Rotatori

Friendly, enthusiastic food service worker. Exemplary customer service skills that hone into ensuring that customers always leave happy. Years of experience in fast food and working under stressful conditions. 

Work experience

Mar 2014Jul 2015

Customer Service Associate


At Wawa, I have applied all my past experience from Wendy's and strong work ethic to become the leader  of the deli. With my determination and passion for excelling at the things I put myself to, the deli at Wawa is always kept up in impeccable manner. The high standards set by myself reflect all around the store. I'm competent in all areas of the store, and all the tasks that must get done from scrubbing down the floors, to stocking the shelves, and to ensuring that the oven roasted turkey hasn't been sitting in the tin for too long. The dedication I have to my job gave me responsibilities of enforcing all the codes and regulations are fulfilled and tasks completed in the deli of Wawa for the duration of my night time shift. Orders come in quickly and in high volumes and I always complete them in timely fashions. I the deli, I have learned how to make all different kinds of food and drinks. The drinks were completely foreign at first, but now I can say surely that I know what a macchiato is.  I have learned so much from Wawa, gaining both skills and personal qualities that will help in all areas of life as well as running a restaurant. 


Crew Member


While working at the fast food restaurant Wendy's, I was thoroughly trained in all areas of the restaurant. I excelled at making burger, but was always welcomed at the front counter for my friendly demeanor. I worked hard at my job while maintaining strong relations with my coworkers and continuing to do tremendously well in my classes. At my time at Wendy's, I learned the value of having strong communication skills and how to properly interact with customers.



High School Diploma

Central Bucks East

I graduated from high school with Cum Laude High Honors.


Thrives under pressure

Great customer skills

food service background

barista term knowledgable

minor management responsibility

high energy

great team skills

good time management


Avid baker and food fanatic

Book enthusiast