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Additional Experience

Oct 2014Feb 2015

School Dinning Services

Prepping food, cleaning up dishes, serving and communicating with customers

Nov 2014Nov 2014

Join PBL business conference

Join national meetings that promote leadership development. Participated in Case Study competition.


I am currently an undergraduate student who is interested in User Center Design and Human Computer Interaction. I am looking for a chance to channel my passion into designing a better user experience


Sep 2013Jun 2017

Bachelor of Science: Cognitive Science (Specialization: Human Computer Interaction)

University of California San Diego

this major allows electives currently include advanced courses in cognitive science, such as multimedia web design and HCI programming design studio classes.

Sep 2013Jun 2017

Minor in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts

University of California San Diego

focus on the use of computers for a particular media (for instance, specializing in computer animation, or computer music, or computer design for print)

Relevant coursework

CSE8A  Introduction to Computer Science: Java I 

Fundamental concepts of applied computer science using media computation.Hands-on experience with designing, editing, compiling, and executing programming constructs and applications.

CSE8B  Introduction to Computer Science: Java II

Continuation of the Java language. Continuation of programming techniques. More on inheritance. Exception handling.

VIS 40 Introduction to Computing in the Arts

An introduction to the conceptual uses and historical precedents for the use of computers in art making. Preparation for further study in the computer arts area by providing overview of theoretical issues related to the use of computers by artists. 

COGS3 Introduction  to Computing

Basic Operation of HTML, CSS, Excel, Word, JavaScript, and Photoshop

ECON 120A Econometrics A 

Probability and statistics used in economics. Probability and sampling theory, statistical inference, and use of spreadsheets.