Andrew Mewborn

Andrew Mewborn

My friends call me "kandy"

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Hello Outreach amigos! I grew up in a town called Redlands, California. At 18, I moved to Seattle to attend Seattle University and got a degree in Electrical Engineering. After university, I worked at CHEF and then moved to Chile for 9 months after receiving a grant from the Chilean government. 

My favorite movie of all time is Good Will Hunting and I am allergic to bees. I love going to concerts and playing blues guitar. Later in life, I want to buy a camper van and drive through all of South America. I get excited about new ideas and try to give off good energy as much as possible. 

Favorite Movie Line (Dumb & Dumber)

Police Offer: "PULL OVER!!!"

Lloyd: "It's a cardigan, but thanks for asking."


Work History


Been to every continent except Antartica (I plan to go one day). My favorite place ever is Cuba. I went alone for a month when I was 20 and it was the best travel experience I've ever had.


I caught my first marlin when I was 13 years old. I still haven't caught a bigger fish. 


I'm horrible at surfing but it is definitely like meditation for me. In fact, I love to do any type of water sport.

Making History

I ran with the bulls a couple times in Spain (but I don't recommend it!). I participated in the world's largest skinny dip in New Zealand, organized the world's largest water balloon and snow ball fight, and have jumped out of a plane a few times.

Hashtags that describe me



I put hot sauce on almost everything. Including popcorn!


I've tried dieting a few times and it never works. I love food way too much!


I ALWAYS try and remain as optimistic and am known to constantly be smiling.