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Work experience

May 2007May 2011

Executive Director

Tweedy Mile Association

Achievements: Completed the organization’s 501 c (3) incorporation; during four years produced established, and implemented new promotional events attracting over one million participants; renewed grants (80% funding) for three years; and managed a $1 million operating budget during four years. As well completed Phase One of this commercial district’s street furniture improvements; passed a color code municipal ordinance; launched and managed TMA‘s website; and implemented an advertising campaign reaching over half million consumers.

Responsibilities: Supervision of Board of Directors, interns and volunteers; production of financial, program, and grant reports budgets; design an implementation of district revitalization programs; government affairs, community and media relations; marketing, advertising, and website content management.

Oct 2004May 2005

Vice President of Communications

Operation HOPE

Achievements: Supervised the new OHI website design, revamped the newsletter editorial content. Raised OHI’s profile exponentially by procuring coverage from C-SPAN, PBS’ Moneywise , Washington Post, American Banker, New York Daily News, and Urban Radio Networks, to name a few.

Responsibilities: Obtaining media sponsorships and trade agreements; coordinated special events and press conferences; managed department budget, and supervised department staff. As well, managed collateral printing, website contractors, and established collaborations with corporations, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Mar 2004Jul 2004

Project Manager (Consultant)

City of Hope

Achievements: Increased by twofold the number of National Marrow Donor registrations in 2004 by implementing this program drive in 124 locations in four Southern California counties.

Responsibilities: supervising project logistics, media production, community relations, and publicity for a health-on-wheels drive entitled Caminos al Exito.

Jul 2003Jan 2004

Vice President of Marketing & PR

Latino Weekly Review

Achievements: Founding partner of this first bilingual arts and politics publication with a 25,000 distribution in Los Angeles.

Responsibilities: Obtained sponsorships, produced company’s ongoing promotional events, and supervised publication’s production and the design of its collateral materials. As well negotiated with printing and web contractors, managed web site, and handled the company’s general operations of this publication.

Aug 1997Jun 2003

Communications Director

Autry Museum of Western Heritage

Achievements: Secured regional and national media coverage for over 20 museum exhibitions; obtained media sponsorships with a value of over $1 million; develop over twenty community collaborations and standing programs; obtained museum visitation of over half a million; and co-produced a major international exhibition.

Responsibilities: Developed marketing plans, produced and advertised buys for radio and television spots, obtained trade agreements, and engaged in community relations. I also worked as department liaison with docent volunteers to assist them in event planning. As well supervised support staff and freelance contractors. As exhibitions committee chair, facilitated scheduling of exhibitions and budgeting of twelve projects.

Jun 1993Jun 1997

Marketing Associate

Center Theatre Group

Achievements: Responsible for the marketing efforts of a five-million-dollar audience development Mark Taper Forum Latino Theatre Initiative. The achievements during my tenure were an increase from 2.4 percent to 5.2 percent of Latino subscribers, and single-ticket buyers increase from 11 to 22 percent.

Responsibilities: Focusing on attract Latino audiences to the Mark Taper Forum and the Ahmanson theatres my duties included: coordination of group sales, media trades, advertising, audiences surveys, and collateral. Duties also included assisting interns and advisory board members in event planning.

Jan 1992Jan 1993

Assistan Campaign Director

"Yes on Prop A"

Achievements: Helped in the passing of a half-billion-dollar safe parks Los Angeles County measure in the 1992 elections.

Responsibilities: Conducted publicity, community outreach, obtained organization endorsements, and fundraising.

Feb 1990Jan 1992

Special Projects Director

Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority

Achievements: Increased regional visitation by almost 75,000 to this natural area.

Responsibilities: Promoted the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreational Area recreational opportunities through media campaigns. The position focused on creating awareness of environmental education programs. Also promoted naturalist ecology tours by targetingschools in low-income communities.

Jan 1989Jan 1990

Case Manager


Provided case management for this employment program which included public assistance.

Dec 1987Dec 1988

Associate Director for Advocacy & Organizing

Interfaith Hunger Coalition

Educated about public assistance programs through seminars and as editor of the Spanish-language version of the magazine How to Get Food and Money.


Twenty years of experience in marketing, public relations, social services advocacy, environmental education, performing arts promotion, and management. Having recently led a non-profit organization during four years, my career objective is to use my strategic-leadership abilities to achieve positive community impact in organizations advocating for arts, education, and community revitalization. More at:

Following is a summary of skills and personal attributes that are drawn from observations from former peers and superiors:

Personal Attributes

  • Enthusiastic/Good Sense of Humor   
  • Loyal 
  • Team Player
  • Visionary

Working Style & Skills

  • Practical/Analytical/Strategic
  • Facilitator
  • Interactive Communicator
  • Self Reliant/Resourceful
  • Negotiator


May 2005Aug 2006


City University of New York-Baruch College

National Urban Fellows recipient (NUF)

Completed a fourteen-month mentorship as part of a fellowship program. During mentorship, worked as a Collaboration Coordinator. Developed an early childhood education collaborative program among four social service agencies located in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Agencies included El Centro, Inc., Guadalupe Centers, Mattie Rhodes Center, and the Hispanic Economic Development Corporation.


Professional Designation Certificate

University of California Los Angeles

Scholarship program awarded by the former National Coalition of Christians and Jews (NCCJ), later renamed National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ)


Ian Bautista

Mr. Bautista was President/CEO of El Centro, Inc., a multi program agency service the Latino community of Kansas City, Kansas.

As Special Assistant to Mr. Bautista, under a

fourteen-month mentorship, part of the National Urban Fellows, a fellowship program; I worked under his direct supervision in forging a multi-agency, early chilhood education collaborative program.

The collaborative was led and sponsored by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. The involved agencies were: El Centro, Inc., Guadalupe Centers, Mattie Rhodes Center, and the Hispanic Economic Development Corporation.

Michael Duchemin

Former Chief Curator of the Autry Museum of Western Heritage, Mr. Duchemin worked with me during the marketing and development staff meetings. Eventually these work discussion involve elements of exhibition planning beyond the realm of marketing and media relations.

By his recommendation, I became Chair of the Exhibitions Committee where I had the opportunity to learn about the elements of program development.

Five years into my tenure in this museum, I worked for Mr. Duchemin as Exhibition Coordinator for Art of the Charreria: A Mexican Tradition. 

My duties in this role  involved securing artifact lending, lending contracts, liability insurance, support to our Mexico's curator team, and traveling to Mexico to secure endorsements from key constituents.

Mr. Duchemin encouraged me to be creative and to present program proposals, both in the arts and academia, to enhance the visitor's experience. Many of these programs are still in place eight years since I left the museum.

Charles Dillingham

As Marketing Associate I worked under Mr. Dillingham, former Managing Director of the Center Theatre Group. Although not a day-to-day supervisor,  I reported directly to him on the Audience Development outcomes under the Mark Taper Forum's Latino Theatre Initiative.

The specific discussions with Mr. Dillingham involved strategies to reach out to Latino professionals, presentations to diverse groups, work developed with consultants, site visits, sponsors program reporting; and advisory council relations.

Although it has been over 10 years that I left my position at CTG. Mr. Dillingham has made a point to touch basis with me, and to analyze the state of the performing arts in the region.

Ramona Cortes Garza

As Public Relations Consultant during the 80s, I worked for Ms. Cortes promoting the 100% organic products from members of the Southland Farmer's  Market Association. She was the Executive Director for this organization at that time.

When she moved on to UCLA ,as Community Relations Director, Ms. Cortes hired me, as a consultant, to engaged in community outreach programs.

I continued my professional relationship with Ms. Cortes when, by my recommendation to Center Theatre Group. as a staff member, she accepted to serve in the Advisory Council for the Mark Taper Forum's Latino Theatre Initiative. In this new role,  Ms. Garza and I worked in developing Latino professional support groups of this initiative.




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